Infoseite // brief asking what sd cards for the film 500d

Frage von alibaba:

eig stands above everything, how fast it is to be gibts probs with sdhc?
as large as possible, or would you prefer 2 smaller?
Perhaps kingston brand ne map, or at least transcend sandisk?
Who can say just what?


Antwort von deti:

Take one or more cheap 16GB card (s). Whatever. 20SDHC & sort = price



Antwort von Rekammlif:

Hello, I stand before the same problem, I own the 500D synonymous. This problem has synonymous in that time when we turn aside to look, the field reports, forausgesetzt you ever find the time, then there's been no one to his lack letting be part s.schlechten reviewers, it was the time the card is broken after a few or use too slow for various HD camcorder. Perhaps someone can synonymous Page one good call where you can find something like this really clever reviews and tests, such as long-term. Maybe someone synonymous, the 500D, and is already good, really reliable card that he can recommend.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

SanDisk Extreme (Pro) are not worth!


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