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Frage von homunkulus:

because I have a small problem in converting videos on the computer of dv to divx. own a mac with quick time.
in quick time was the first continuous successful, super quality, but the second film showed extreme settings and the artifacts with the same. have now half the night out and her trying - different settings, always with the same film, it was not better. Only the first film was okay. what is the reason?


Antwort von Markus:


has had the not too long time once a similar case in a WMV compression. Two videos with similar content (color, detail, movement) have been compressed with the same template. Came out two qualitatively completely different videos: one knotless and the other pixilated.

Since I could not figure it out and give me the details of the files regarding image size, frame rate and data rate of agreed synonymous, I compressed the second video again - with the same result pixellated.

Then I worked out for the second video is a little different Komprimiervorlage. In order then everything went.


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