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Frage von tschili:

Hello, I'm new in this forum and hope that you can help me.
For my thesis, topic Stereoscopic, have I spent 2 Quicktime movies, one for the left and one for the right eye.
Both, I have edited so that when I left the movie only red, while the right blue and green channel had.

Now to my problem: the films are in the timeline on top of each other. How can I hide it on, or mix, that I Anaglyphenfilm get? 've been in several settings Arithmetics tried.

Hope you can help me, my duty is coming closer: (

PS: Photoshop works with the super level crossfade difference ...


Antwort von tommyb:

What an editing program?


Antwort von sas_hh:

there are special 3d plugins, just Google.
the basket so that together as you need it, without being synonymous channels must be separated


Antwort von robl21f:

you do not know if this help, but if premiere available look under video effects ->

s.bildsteuerung -> color ... or
b) channels -> 3d-brille

gruss rob


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