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I want my computer for HD videoschnitt upgrade, of course he is synonymous for the tasks of his alltagsgerüstet And for HD video playback to hire u HDTV reception (; with appropriate alerts will - I know at the moment but not yet!) be such .

I have had some thoughts in this regard to hardware compilation made u myself so far opted for the following:

Motherboard: Asus P5E3
CPU: Intel Q9550
Memory: OCZ 6GB DDR3 Memory Of
graphics card??
hard drive: in my current computer for 2 samsung HD753LJ are built in, which I need to join together in a RAID array did!

where is this sufficient??

where I currently am not really sure is the vga card. in the eye, I had first a radeon 4670th I am not sure whether the power of this map videoschnitt regarding HD playback u-va-HD is enough, and had then found another radeon 4870th
is there in terms of HD playback and video editing between these cards provide a performance-or quality different? The calculations are generally outsourced to the vga card and if so in what form?
how is it with programs such as CUDA or the ati-pendant "balanced platform" (and I think out)? The calculations go to the video editing program out of house on the vga card, or one must with these programs, "Redirect"? how it looks with the compatibility of video editing program and CUDA and co? is easily accomplished, or it means effort?

or simply what it recommends for a vga card? important to me is synonymous with this that it is quiet!

I already thank you in advance!



Antwort von jazzy_d:

I think a time today i7 Währe perhaps smarter than a schweineteure graphics card. And then later, especially Vista64 and Win7.

The improvements in the Video Editing Software control is probably especially now optimized for these platforms.

What one hears and reads the entire work expected "on the graphics card" not "productive".


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