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33 Megapixel TV-Standard am japanischen Horizont

33 Megapixel TV standard s.japanischen horizon

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Januar 2008

33 Megapixel TV standard s.japanischen horizon of heidi - 14 Jan 2008 19:43:00
The Japanese government plans Berichten zufolge, 300 Mio. Yen (entspricht ca. 1,8 Mio Euro) in die Entwickung eines neuen, hochauflösenden TV-Standards zu investieren, der bis 2015 implementiert werden soll, and der das digitale 4K-Movies recht alt aussehen läßt. Das Format "Super Hi-Vision", das bereits seit einiger Zeit of der öffentlichen Rundfunkanstalt NHK entwickelt wird, soll with einer Resolutionvon 7680 × 4320 Pixel arbeiten (4000 Linien, 33 Megapixel) bei einer Datenrate of 24 Gbps (!!). Bei ersten Tests wurde dieses unkomprimierte Videosignal auf 180-600 Mbps herunterkomprimiert, das Audiosignal of 28 Mbps auf 7-28 Mbps. Angeblich soll es sich hierbei synonymous um ein neues 3D-Audiosystem für 24 Surround-Lautsprechern handeln. Die japanischen Zuschauer werden also ihre Fernsehzimmer erheblich umrüsten müssen, wenn man den (einfachen) Skizzen vertrauen darf (siehe Link unten)... Oder s.besten noch einen Extrasaal anbauen. Naja, ist ja noch ein bißchen Zeit bis dahin.

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Antwort von SixFo64:

True ... the new post before I have at least one years ... read on Wikipedia is called Ultra HD ...


Antwort von Tobias1708:

30 million pixels? LOL !!!!! soon take over ichn kredit 30000, - on and popping off my wall where the panel then comes clean. nachn few days and then the other walls, the ceiling un tuned !!!!! loool

Antwort von Altklug:

Synonymous is a way to significantly improve energy ...
Some millions of times a small computing for signal processing, where HDTV is already considerable power equipment attracts ...

Looking at the world not only through the lens sees, you can personally in the highest possible resolution look (even synonymous nor true 3D) with extremely realistic 3D Super Surround Sound.

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

"Anonymous" wrote:
soon take over ichn kredit 30000, - on

Is this standard probably not very rich, but finally, even where the MM is a huge HD panel with approximately 3 meters diagonal to ridicule price of only 79,999 euros on offer had.
For Japan-TV you have small Omma her Häusken using.

Antwort von Quadruplex:

In the 'audiovision' was synonymous with the issue ever was. The whole is more probably, for the movies or the like, public demonstrations and not intended for the living room - certainly not for the tiny Japanese.

The prices, however, I would be optimistic: The first plasma in Europe, there's the end 96 of Philips - with VGA Resolutionund the simplest picture at a bargain price of more than 15,000 Euros. Seen now but went to FullHD-50-inch to slightly more than 2000 euro quickly.

Antwort von Videokollaps:

Finally there is the all-dominant video walls to Ray Bradbury in 1953 in his novel "The Fire Man" (dt. "Fahrenheit 451") has described. Now we only have to burn books.

Antwort von thos-berlin:

What is a Book? Gibt's synonymous to the video?

Antwort von satadioz:

No need schwein 33Megapixel tv, HD and 35mm ranging from completely for the next 50 years.
And when you reflect, HD was already obsolete.

Antwort von Tobias1708:

"No Pork 33Megapixel needs tv, HD and 35mm ranging from completely for the next 50 years. But who to it, HD was already obsolete."

Since you like but I must strongly disagree.
Under the 9th Landsuter Short Film Festival (06. to 09 March 2008), we present not only the 100 best short films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland (mostly in HD), s.08.03. we show at the fair, the (home) movies of the future.

From the 4k RED camera in the company up to 4k Cinealta Beamer Company Sonykannst you the technology of tomorrow is not only admired, but synonymous, even in the hands.
Also, there will be a specially manufactured for us 4k film.

News of Sony, but Apple Arri synonymous (D21), and other Weisscam we will partially exclusive worldwide imagine!
Additionally, there are several very interesting workshops relating to type.

I would be happy to show you in Landshut s.8.3 the difference of HD (1080), 2k and 4k - You'll be amazed.

Believe me, those who failed that day, can not say.
The longest road to Landshut worth!

Ralf Bücheler
More info and trailer soon-to www.landshuter kurzfilmfestival.de

Antwort von JoeFX:

purely mathematical terms, a weaker eye (like mine) to the 27 Mpix ...

mal im ernst!
I would think of no new TV set up, just so I can see a resolution that my eye is not true!

I can already tell you that the Japanese do not buy wid, because it is useless for me and only one laboratory technology pomposity is ...

Just pointless hoch 3


Antwort von Charlsn:

Hello .... We have just 2008, the whole thing is planned for 2015! Now all the angry, if it comes will have everyone's back. Why then there are photos with Full 36Mio. P. or medium format or large format? Still True Image which is quite different. Why will a Casio Cam build more than 600 images a second is? Why should Highspeedcams only give 320x240 resolution? Why is actually researched? Even if permanent invest in new cameras or playback equipment annoying, I find the picture of today convincingly how the picture was 10 years ago. And I mean on TV. There is so much research and not so much used and discarded. A buyer is always the military.

Antwort von WoWu:

... and we must not forget the features that are now in the so-vaunted influence camcorder such as the correction of chromatic aberration, d just come from his research for this unnecessary device. And it is still slightly more in ssFeatures under which all now suddenly loud call.

I have participated at the recent NAB seen and have to say that it is really not with words really to describe.

It is certainly one day come when synonymous piecemeal .... In any case, some parts of it already there and incorporated into the EX1.

Antwort von satadioz:

"Believe me, those who failed that day, can not say.
The longest road to Landshut worth it! "

Hello, I appreciate their enthusiasm for HD1080, 2K, 4K.
I had the opportunity s.der IBC on hand to lay redone. Have synonymous with a year a Panavision Genesis can try. The resolution is quite remarkable synonymous if I really doubt it for a ham kino hochkaretige redone in question.

If I zeithabe I will very gladly the Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival visit

gruss satadioz

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