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AVCHD-Dateien speichern auf Multimedia-Festplatte?

AVCHD files stored on multimedia hard drive?

Frage von Mimadel:
Juni 2009


I have gained a Panasonic HDC-HS 9, which will start in AVCHD, so high resolution.

My PC is old (; approx. 3 years) and will not allow further processing. (As my wife a new PC, at first) has been prohibited and I found after studying various threads here in the forum did it anyway synonymous probably still not the (; affordable ... - my wife!) Egg Wollmilchsau for further Of AVCHD is raw, I'm currently on the trip, the data of HDD or SD initially cached and processed later for next time.

Recently I have become aware on multimedia hard disks which are (yes, guckstdu: http://www.notebooksbilliger.de/festplatten_1317/multimedia_hdds/memup_3343/memup+mediadisk+nrx+35+1000gb) synonymous to play mpeg4. To my knowledge, "lies" behind the AVCHD format of the container H.264/MPEG4 AVC codec (; says wikipedia) - can anyone here tell me whether the funzt?

Is it sensible to be as meaningful, or are there alternatives? I am here, and unfortunately quite unbeleckt synonymous in most relevant threads mentally lubricated .... :-(;

ANY help will be gratefully accepted - thanxalot!


Antwort von RickyMartini:

The raw material I would save on two disks + discs. A multimedia disk I consider to be not a good idea when it comes to backup. In addition, data are not considered as secure, if they are only on a single disk.

To view the multimedia playback was "WD-TV" much more suitable - provided a suitably large USB disk.

Antwort von Mimadel:

"RickyMartini" wrote:
The raw material I would save on two disks + discs.

Moin Ricky,

Thank you for the first tip - if I understand everything that has Angelesene correct, do I need a hard drive that records the raw material in the form as I (; of the camera there) expired. The same will be synonymous for (; information? -) DVD, right?

And since the rabbit still seems to lie in the pepper - PCs not find any files that refuse because they do not want to know the format (;?) And a drag & drop where ever synonymous. I have not tried it myself, but already read several times.

But it probably does seem to go, as you write of WD-TV - You have been so relevant experience? WD-TV: yes mW uses the hard drive and is virtually as a software application for displaying the format of FP responsible for the output medium, right? This then would be the solution erstmal: files on hard drive (; at least 1 TB) and parallel DVD store and using WD-TV & HDMI in Ori-qualification of the hard drive to bring the plasma. Funzt it?

Antwort von RickyMartini:

If you plug the HS9 s.einen PC, the hard drive of your camcorder after a short detection period is displayed on the desktop.

Now it is easily possible to copy the contents of the camcorder HDD to another HDD. If your camcorder with flash card works the same basically, with a card reader here is better suited for transmitting the data.

WD-TV "I do not possess, but the media player should be very good, according to the opinion of others.

Antwort von Mimadel:

That sounds good ... :-)

I will once (quietly, and yet without leave files for free ...)!

Thanks for the tips!


Antwort von jazzy_d:

I have just ordered a WD-TV. Once he is there and I've AVCHD files (, do I still) download something, I can come and test report (; and compare with Popcorn). If anyone else any experience with AVCHD couleur on the WD has a TV, tell me.

Antwort von Mimadel:

"jazzy_d" wrote:
Once he is there and I've AVCHD files (; I have to yet) download something, I can come and test reports. If anyone else any experience with AVCHD couleur on the WD has a TV, tell me.

Hi Jazzy,

well, that would of course fantastinös! First-hand experience is always preferable to journal information ... :-)

And I agree with your call like!

Antwort von jazzy_d:

So I am absolutely thrilled at first glance. Very simple installation and configuration, nice interface / menu to 5 minutes, I have connected the, latest firmware on it and the first AVCHD files from USB flash drive plays (; downloaded think of Russell's Page, from Bremen, of HF100). Other format until now I could not test yet, just wanted to give one quick decision. Which, of course with all the file-based cams is a difficulty that is created for each clip a single file. One would therefore have all the clips in any way first to a file put together. Whether the WDTV can make itself virtually from multiple clips to a stream, I could not test it yet.

Antwort von Mimadel:

"jazzy_d" wrote:
One would therefore have all the clips in any way first to a file put together. Whether the WDTV can make itself virtually from multiple clips to a stream, I could not test it yet.

So, when I use the information (on the Internet; guckstduhier follows: http://www.notebooksbilliger.de/festplatten_1317/multimedia_hdds/wd+3710/wd+tv+digitaler+av+player), aims to ".. full video playback of the hard drive .." be guaranteed. The gimmick should have been included, because who wants to have any anstarten 1:30 min clip individually ... ;-)

But thank you for the first weather report, then slowly peels out a result ... So :-)

Antwort von jazzy_d:

So you can play the entire contents of a folder. But there is a pause between each clip.

Photos are a dream to look at!
Sure, with really big pictures to load as the DSLR, this part must be synonymous something.

What is not like me so that I understand the info bar (; duration of the film with progress bar) can not turn off completely. That is, each will be played when a new clip every time during and after the coils of this bar is shown. Also, I've noticed, (that no WMA Pro can be played, as did a few WMV-HD 720p50 with WMA Pro) and now I know right away what degree does not tolerate alternative audio codecs WMV.

But otherwise, I think I sell my diverse Popcorn (; synonymous if their specific advantages have).

Copied the way he plays back HDV natively synonymous. Now, I will still be times EX footage to test :-)

Antwort von Mimadel:

Play Popcorn Hour AVCHD footage for not starting ...?

Antwort von jazzy_d:

Oh yes, AVCHD s.poppi is no problem (; h.246). For me personally, but it is not because I have no such AVCHD Cam and would not synonymous acquisition.

What definitely does not go EX is natively with 35MBits / s (; not synonymous s.Popcornhour of) the internal hard disk. But is clearly synonymous, EX is a Akuisitions format and no distribution or playback format :-)

Antwort von unodostres:

Alternatively, one could make, of course, synonymous to worry about a NEW WOMAN :-) :-)

So if my wife would prohibit me something, I would only ask whether time is ticking se quite clean! ;-)

Antwort von jazzy_d:

You do not know whether the woman brings home the money. :-)

Antwort von Mimadel:

So, for your information: my wife is the nicest and dearest copy, where is there - and before I ask my wife whether "she really is ticking," must have happened very much more. We care because a different tone to each other ... :-)

But back to the point: somehow I still lack the last final input, as I should happen to him now, before I pump money into the economy.

Maybe I should take but a TB hard drive to store the data there, and burn using blu-ray burner once on DVD. Via WD-TV I have access to records and data via DVD player to access DVD data. What do you think?

And in 5 years, then all you can edit and rearrange via a PC with a smile and read this correspondence as it will probably TB USB flash drives with built-in AVCHD player is ...

Antwort von Marco:

I'm with the WD TV also very satisfied. Conveniently, (; so far) reliable, good picture quality, foolproof handling. These small and geräuschefrei if the connected USB disks are also geräuschefrei. Still missing the support for DVD menu structures, but that certainly will be.


Antwort von jazzy_d:

@ Mimadel

A DVD player can not read data DVD (; principle in some exotic varieties, there is always).

So with my 64GB USB flash drive OCZ Rally2 I am fully happy. Since fits on it quite a lot and is fast (, dual-channel) technology.

The first 128GB drives are already available but (; Kingston).

Antwort von Mimadel:

Okay, then remain at the present state of technology is still accessed via the WD-TV, anyway. With my very rudimentary knowledge of DVD technology, I thought that DVD-RAM = data-DVD. And DVD-RAM is of most DVD (recorders, played at least for Panasonic).

What are you doing with one 64GB flash drive ...???

Antwort von jazzy_d:

DVD-Ram is more like a hard disk. You can write on it immediately, change, delete, etc. But sure wikipedia knows a lot about DVD-R, DVD + R, DVD-RW, DVD + RW, DVD-DL, DVD + DL, DVD-RAM, DVD data disc Video and DVD structures. I can not imagine that the WDTV, as the poppi, data DVD with the corresponding video file of a connected via USB can play DVD drive. But these are not video DVDs in the living room, the players can be played.

Well I have much data on the flash drive to carry out and her. Online Shops, Video Projects, (Technical tools, antivirus, process explorers, etc., etc.), source material for the video club, photos, video clips, etc. The data flood is indeed endless. But just who, it can be synonymous all video files s.WDTV of such a fast USB stick to play a sound completely (; poppi is indeed an internal hard drive and external synonymous s.WDTV) make noises stop.

Antwort von jazzy_d:

Is there somewhere native AVCHD footage with 24Mbit / s for download?

Antwort von Mimadel:

@ Jazzy:
obviously remains me a lot of effort to anzulesen me at least the basics ... * sigh *

And I wanted to "just take" movies and watch me then ...

Antwort von jazzy_d:

Well ..... Video is an extremely broad topic, and since so many details with pure play. It is often difficult, I know, but synonymous exciting :-)

You can even with the WDTV everything you want to play (putting it on any USB storage media, flash drive, hard drive, but it is probably synonymous USB DVD drive), the videos must of course comply with the specifications of WDTV (and it has one picture conversion software here, Arcsoft Media Converter 2.5, but I do not how good the videos because I think the start of standard make Conforms / export / rendere).

But in Germany you are indeed able to return in the fortunate position everything (; for me as a dealer that would be) a horror.

Antwort von Mimadel:

Yo, I think this will firstly the (; not really satisfactory) solution must remain. Thank you for your detailed instructions and tips!

Antwort von weitwinkel:

@ Mimadel:
To convert the AVCHD data with you will either way
no alternative ....
therefore WDTV or TViX or PS3 is not the problem but
The average software!
DVDs to secure yet I'd forgotten times ...
perhaps we can someday try with longer-lived BluRays ...
gruß cj

Antwort von Mimadel:

Hey weitwinkel,

have the yes is exactly the crux: currently, it seems (; without professional equipment overall is difficult indeed to be able to undertake a post-processing of the films. I have not just taken from this forum so far. But the picture quality is just goil, so I chose.

Therefore, my focus is more synonymous "Save" and then edit them in the near future ". Currently, such therefore I am the best solution to save the data as possible to the original and still be able to watch me. So much cheese, I will not take on ... ;-)

Blu-Ray seems (; as a DVD in addition to hard drive storage) to be a useful medium, right? Only because the file sizes I'm probably about as difficult drum.

Antwort von weitwinkel:

dvd and bluray as speichermedium drop out ...
is twice the storage at 2festplatten
if you want to have as a hobby user editable material
itself provides a conversion of AVCHDmaterials in HDV (; mpeg2 (; m2t)
an ...
the quality loss is acceptable for this frame!
gruß cj

Antwort von jazzy_d:

So I would AVCHD of FullHD 1920x1080 (and if possible not with 24Mbit / s) to convert to mpeg2 HDV 1440x1080 (; 25Mbit / s?). That would be a shame. But as mpeg2 FullHD 1920x1080 with 35MBits / s (, EX) would be good.

Antwort von weitwinkel:

checks out the synonymous,
provided that the nle and played out the medium (, ps3, wdtv ect.) played along with
gruß cj

Antwort von Mimadel:

I can already see, I will come to the trial and error, tinkering, crashes, fret, enjoy, etc. can not get around ...

The variant with conversion into mpeg2-HD is very interesting that most times I'll try first. In order for a burn to DVD without too great loss of quality might very well be possible, right?

Hopefully, the bundled software of Panasonic offers this possibility - which would otherwise probat? Magix? Free software?

My goodness, I'm clueless ... * sigh *

Antwort von bigaxl:

"jazzy_d" wrote:
So I would AVCHD of FullHD 1920x1080 (and if possible not with 24Mbit / s) to convert to mpeg2 HDV 1440x1080 (; 25Mbit / s?). That would be a shame. But as mpeg2 FullHD 1920x1080 with 35MBits / s (, EX) would be good.

35 Mbit AVCHD creates WDTV synonymous still s.40/45 the hardware is then slowly run out of steam. Yes, I depart mk II Footage (; about 40 Mbit / s) native and give it as H264.m4p with 35/45 Mbit / s VBR 2-pass. This works very well.

Antwort von jazzy_d:

@ bigaxl
Funny, 35MBits / s mpeg2 he creates but does not have h.264 (; AVCHD goes up. 24Mbit / s). But yes, at least it was of converting AVCHD editing.

@ Mimadel
That's the nice s.der digital world. Try it costs only time. And if something can not be played by WDTV is relatively clear why not (; specifications). If you can then take a specification still synonymous with the Blu-ray at some point you can fit the video immediately ruckzuck (; without umkonvertieren again) bring on BD.

Antwort von bigaxl:

"jazzy_d" wrote:
@ bigaxl
Funny, 35MBits / s mpeg2 he creates but does not have h.264 (; AVCHD goes up. 24Mbit / s). But yes, at least it was of converting AVCHD editing.

35MBits / s mpeg2 he creates loose. I told him last for the trial already synonymous times 50Mbit / s given. Only he can not EX format.

Conversion: If it can somehow avoid it somehow really do without it. The only exception may perhaps be NeoScene. But the result is not currently running with Premiere 4.1: (;

Antwort von jazzy_d:

Ah ..... then it was me well s.runtergeladenen EX footage. What is the different than s.exe s.mpeg2 with 35MBits / s? Have you played the 35 or 50Mbit / s of hard disk? I had only taken the grad USB stick :-)

Antwort von Mimadel:

Girls and boys, you are in my mind about this a few galaxies ahead, I almost understand only station ... - I have just come in from the Hi8 galaxy in the HD life.

As an extract, I made up my mind now, after (and soon upcoming) trip to spend the holiday movies on hard disks and then subsequently to provide the WD-TV part to make it magic of the FP on the plasma.

I once reports, such as (; hopefully good!) I succeed.
BTW: Hard Disk Tips and hints of cracks of course, I guess you still love synonymous with ... ;-))

In any case, even once, many thanks for your input!

Antwort von jazzy_d:

@ Mimadel
EX the mpeg2 format of Sonyin the EX1 and EX3 cameras, or is in the JVC HM100 and HM700. But I think synonymous, especially filming times. If the course before WDTV already exists, it means it's just to test to test and test again, the more you will know what and what not the more secure you finally. As an external hard drive, I actually take only "naked" plates of Samsung (; so beautifully quiet) and ICY-BOX housing. So I can put together any combinations yourself (; IDE disk, SATA disk, USB - Firewire and / or eSATA ports) and I know what's inside.

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