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Frage von speedy658:

Hi @ all, have a brief Verrständnisfrage. Stand close to purchase a camcorder. So, for me the question a normal diditale or HD Cam. Immediately anticipated, I still no HD hardware and an old calculator. So far all I have here a regular camcorder or a DV Cam advised. Now I have of this multimedia hard one. Would it not possible here of the movie just one HD and then save directly s.Television view? If then later once the hardware would be available, I would have but the films in HD quality. Schon mal danke.


Antwort von Daigoro:

Most cheap harddisks Media / Player can not MPG2 HD (from HDV cameras) still AVCHD / h.264 (from the memory card / hard cameras) play.

That is, as far as I know only with the Popcorn Hour (about 220 euros without hard drive) or the ISTAR Mini HD (about 250 euros without hard drive).
The others are all advertise with HD and 1080p, but usually only create DivX or WMV HD (if ever) - as would be necessary to convert the files before and it's more work and more time -> I will not.

I'm looking at pretty desperate and I've now committed a small 'HTPC (Home Theater PC) to build. Is not synonymous expensive (current configuration under 300 euros) and can play anything, what my computer can be synonymous.
If you still invest some more (better processor and bigger hard drive) and a somewhat liquid system to take the purchase, you could be the synonymous for cutting use.

ASUS M3N78-EMH HDMI nForce 780a DDR2 (with a new NVidia chipset - Geforce8200 HDMI with HD hardware acceleration)
Case Antec New Solution NSK2480 Desktop
CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400 + tray (to cut rather NEN 5000 +)
CPU fan PWM ARCTIC Alpine 7 (what better can you take)
320 GB SAMSUNG SpinPoint F1 HD322HJ (very fast and quiet)
Samsung DVD Rom (can be synonymous to a burner and when the times are a cheaper Blu-RayDisk drive replace / complement)

And then minutiae - wireless card (many media players can not, or synonymous with the discount cards are expensive), TV tuner card (which is synonymous so that I can absorb from the television), wireless keyboard with built-in trackball.


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