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Frage von taabaascoo:


I have with Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 created with different menus. Worked flawlessly until I was in the main menu, which first appears in the background have incorporated a video (about 2 minutes DV AVI). Now the DVD player is not in our house to read.

Why? is perhaps the video is too long?
The video I've built by me with holding the Alt button, the video (not cut windows) on the Menuhintergrund withdrawn and would now actually be in it. in the preview, however, synonymous only played the sound, the background remains black.

wär super if someone could help me! ever thank you in advance!
Thanks, Alex


Antwort von Manuell:

So you only hear the sound and no picture in the preview, you have my experience, not much to say because for me strangely varies, but on the burned DVD has always worked. Perhaps a problem with the preview function.
Otherwise, I would proceed as follows to a video as a background display.
Under properties, under the motion on the small button next to video and click on the video, which will be run as a background, drag. If your DVD player or on the run, it should be synonymous with a video than Menuhintergrund work.
More I know not synonymous, sorry.



Antwort von taabaascoo:

hab das video background for your instructions and built einandfrei works now! Thank you! ;)


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