Infoseite // Are there any digital camcorder with S-Video (female) input at all?

Frage von Sovebamse:

If so, what would they be? When HC90E synonymous S-VHS stand-in and yet it was only an analog input of a composite adapter. Are there any digital camcorder with true super-VHS input?


Antwort von Markus:

Spontaneously, obviously, but the VX2100.
He's definitely a real Y / C input.


Antwort von Sovebamse:

Thought that rather s.einen camcorder for under $ 1000 :-)


Antwort von The Langolier:

Canon MVX200i (still available on the Internet for less than 600, - Euro), as well as some JVC and Panasonic models. Visit their websites and check out times, the product specifications.



Antwort von Sportfilmerin:

I have a camcorder now synonymous with looking for all inputs and came across this on the HC90?
Abandoned for other reasons but I am of the camera again.

But is that really the case that has no S-video input?
Also, the HC 32 and 42 are according to Sony HP S-video input, and there are still models in Canon: I believe WMD 45i and 330i.

However, it is less and less that a DV camcorder Anolog or synonymous - in might have. The search you have already.


Antwort von Sportfilmerin:

That was a typo: Canon MVX 45i must mean it.


Antwort von Jan:

Hello you,

no problem, which transmits 10 pin Sony S-Video jack pure 'quality (S-VHS / C - this is a camera system) from, and the Sony through the bush. With the cable SonyVMC 15 FS with an S-video cable's turn. So even synonymous HC 17,23,39 and co of course to the mentioned just out. Must be used only for about 20 ¬ extra purchased.

Panasonic makes it s.der new GS 280 as well (you at least give the cable to include in the carton), synonymous here is a special plug the premier S-video transfers.

Cameras are getting smaller, and the connections must be accommodated. so stop running .....



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Are there any digital camcorder with S-Video (female) input at all?

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