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Frage von frm:

I am looking for a wireless option, the video of my SonyPMW EX1 (20m is enough) to be transferred. Kent somebody sensible systems?
The signal is a video projector to be shown live.

Thank you


Antwort von robbie:

One of the most useful system is the WLL-CA55 of Sony.
Can SD. That's enough for a beamer. Transmitter and receiver cost around ¬ 20,000.

There are cheaper versions of synonymous different providers, just googled. Useful starts at around 8000 ¬. All of which is away and forgotten. Who buys cheap buys 2x.

I commend the variant cables. This is günbstig, Fail-safe and tausenfach tested.
Even if you have a cable carrier anheuerst is cheaper and better.

I speak from experience so far, several hundred hours live production and transmission, not only on digital projectors. Video walls, satellite, ...


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