Infoseite // Digital video transmission or analog?

Frage von chillitrader:

For a video transmission in 2 different rooms, I would like to know whether the realization of cheaper digital or analog would be. Thanks for your tips. Ciao Gunnar

Existing Hardware:
DV Cam with IR and video output
100 Mbit network
Windows PC

simultaneous transmission (including sound) on a 19 "monitor (baby room) and a beamer (overflow).
The distances of the Cam is 35m or 25m.


Antwort von thos-berlin:

You write nothing about the existing connections s.Beamer and 19 "monitor.

Under the assumption that the synonymous analog video inputs are:

When using high-quality picture and Tonkabel (possibly rent), I would prefer the analog version. This is quickly and safely installed and is expected to 25m to 35m, no significant loss of quality have.

Otherwise / alternative:

For the PC version at least three PCs are needed. One acts as a streamer, two as a receiver. There are software that have an income DV signal directly to the LAN can stream. The Beamer s.einen PC, 19 "Monitor s.den other (If your computer is connected)


Antwort von Markus:

Both qualitatively priced as synonymous, the analog signal to the digitally-compressed points.

Simple (!) Video cables are conveniently located in the monitored area to buy or rent equipment for a few euros borrow. In order to transmit the signal, enough to all the devices together. Since nothing can set a synonymous crash or hang like a computer.


Antwort von etv:

Hello chilli trader,

I agree with Mark as fully and completely on a wire, there was never a "Blue Screen" * g *

So up to 100 meters you get with "simple cords" and possibly "a little tummy-ache" is a good picture out of which not a problem anyway, as you can say a few meters with high-quality cables rausholen, if you're not for the Oscar ceremony make the transfer -- there should be the picture in any case be perfect * g *

If it's longer and will be great, then look for a professional near you over - there's many tools (eg, of Kramer Electronics) which can help you there, but prefer not via PC & Co.



Antwort von chillitrader:

Well yes that sounds all very clear. I think now I know just need a signal switch or something. Thank you and Happy Shooting alseits.


Antwort von etv:

... as a "signal switch" you can eg Kramer called the Electronic Tools. There found a 123VxL Kramer, splits the signal to get the 3 way to - there's at every well-stocked video rental s.Eck * g * and is about 2 large boxes of cigarettes.



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