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Canon EOS 5 - welche aktuellen Videoformate?

Canon EOS 5 - the latest video formats?

Frage von bernd_das_brot:
August 2010

Hello people!

I am planning a purchase of an EOS, either the 5D or 7D (Mark2). I am concerned primarily about the video mode. Have been tested as working with the 7D and the handling was great :-)

However, I could not figure out what the network supports the video formats 5D. Particular I am concerned 720p/50 frames. I have already rotated with the EOS 7D in this format, the results were great! However, I lacked a bit of intensity, and I hope for the EOS 5th Any tips?

Best regards

Antwort von B.DeKid:

All of Canon VDSLR Cams

Container: MOV
Codec: H.264


7D and 550D and the 1

24/25/30 FPS at 1920x1080
50/60 FPS at 1280x720 and 640x480


can no 50/60 FPS


Among us the 720p mode very grottig in all four models.

B. DeKid

Antwort von bernd_das_brot:

Hey B. DeKid,

what camera would you take s.meiner place? I consider the moment in the Rotate frames for 1080/25 the best solution.

Best regards

Antwort von B.DeKid:

550D of which can be synonymous well and like to buy 2 -3 pc.

Otherwise, wait times what the 60D can.

For the film the 550D is sufficient in almost all respects than from.

If it just goes HighIso then halt the 1DsIV but in my eyes is too good to film it.

The 5D Mark II makes no sense synonymous currently has too many bugs.
The 7D is ok but the film really offers little reason no significant 550D to use it.

B. DeKid

Antwort von Creatinside:


I'll hang in there sometimes. In the 5d MKII (Quote canon.de)

to "The exposure is done by the video recording auto; shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, Aperture and not the manual
be elected. "

Is that synonymous due to the firmware or effective a technical limit? (And eventually the camera to a KO argument not buy)
with the Aperture refers merely to an Aperture DURING recording or can not choose this general

How goes there with the 7D? Could never find this information. yes, the device is cheaper so I assume that since it is the same.



Antwort von bernd_das_brot:

Hi Michael,

So the EOS 7D you can change shutter speed, aperture and ISO. All manual before the recording starts. Any record can be in any case the correct Aperture yet, I have myself tested. I had the EOS 7D with a 10-22 mm lens at an exhibition in use only. It served as a second camera for WW shots, so there was little space when creating space for themselves. When I turn Erstkamera with a first SonyEX Therefore, I am so excited synonymous. Cams The two are complementary, but was with me the idea to the EOS 5 pick to light because of the good ...

Best regards

Antwort von Jake the rake:

"Bernd_das_brot" wrote:
(...) Intensity, (...)

you will get with corresponding lenses ... Of the iso settings here are both about the same (especially in video mode ...)...

Antwort von Axel:

"Jake the rake" wrote:
"Bernd_das_brot" wrote:
(...) Intensity, (...)

you will get with corresponding lenses ... Of the iso settings here are both about the same (especially in video mode ...)...

With the same lens and same aperture falls on a APSC sensor as the 7D the same amount of light such as the 2.6 times as large full-frame sensor of the 5D. The latter has won again at least twice as fast, because they at a higher ISO number just barely rustles. And who knows how incredibly fast already 7D with a 1.4er Optics (2.8er the standard optics can be in the Comparison s.Licht by only a quarter of the difference is really dramatic), you can imagine what that means. You pay for the higher intensity but with even less depth of field, actually less, than a love can be.
Large sensor, large aperture, high sensitivity and a tame fireflies, more you do not have the luck ...

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Yes and then only settings where an eyelash must be sharp only in the rest of the un bokeh absäuft ;-))

Antwort von Axel:

Should we not do that. With a 2.8er Aperture I have a sufficient DoF-Effect and won with a more Lichtstärke.So 5D's around you can even make synonymous. Conversely, in a 7D with 1.4 the depth of field to master yet, but that means then fixed focal length (not synonymous next bad).

Antwort von bernd_das_brot:

perhaps an appropriate tip for a good lens? Direct an "L" Lens or something like Tamron, Sigma is synonymous? Have now taken the 7D in the eye :-)

Antwort von Axel:

Very good set up you are hereby
A general rule, every Optics as Canon to port a lot Fremdoptiken easily adapt to the great result. Maybe once a Stillimage dealers ask.

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