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Movie Maker öffnet KEINE Videodatei, egal welches Format

Movie Maker does not open a video file, no preference which format

Frage von Jeannie:
März 2008

People, I really despair slowly. Whether avi, mpeg4 or whatever, not a single format can I import my movie maker! * * grummel

There will always be, mutatis mutandis, the following message:

XY is not a valid WMM project file.

WHAT can I do? Already have in every possible format and converts it next, I just do not Schnall.

If someone, for which I would be very grateful, wants to help, please beachtetet:

I find your knowledge very impressive and would like to have it synonymous, but unfortunately I understand the "computer language" is not. Please explain for all of Doof * shame *

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Ähhm Gudenåen So I have now for the first time in the Movie Maker up ;-)

There's File> New Project .....

Was because of you already created a Project?


Now I've just made garnix and then there ... drag a clip to the storyboard ..... or so say the white area

Well klappts so often ;-) So partition with folders packed nem Movie, File makie hold on Unknown (movie maker ziehn) window of the same goes on .... mouse cursor in the window now displays an arrow / bent mouse button ... Then and windowless chen "import" ... behold ready .......

Was that in your own language ;-)

Sorry did not plan what could be wrong with you .... I have a avi file in Xvid codec ... gings so wonderful.

Under File> Import in Collections .... Can man synonymous via search> makie> Open .... select a file.

I think the more you get out .... and by the way, I always thought his mpeg4 avi s ... because I'm wrong?

Greets DeKid B.

Antwort von Badd:

Thank you first that you've taken time :-)

So I generally come with the MM well clear, synonymous've already created a lot of movies, but only with photos and Music.

How do I import files, only if I would like to import the videos on File-> Import the video folders are empty.

I do it the other way around, so go to the video -> open with-> Movie Maker will be the above-described message .....

And it may well be that Mpeg4 Avi is to know me as I say not enough * gg * but one way or another I would have so theoretically it can import .....

Somewhere I have some code of what to read ..... what does this mean? Can this be due? And if so, how can I resolve it?

Antwort von Markus:

"Jeannie" wrote:
XY is not a valid WMM project file.

A Project file (*. MSWMM) is something other than a video file (eg *. avi). The Movie Maker Expects a file in which a video editing project is saved, also with references to video files and their length and position in the timeline. A video file on the other hand, contains the actual shots.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

How about all the usual trade, for example, installing codecs. with SUPERAntiSpyware of eRightSoft

Gordian Knot synonymous would eventually go.

http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/MPEG-4 Declaration which is MPEG4 ;-)

Antwort von andidhouse:

hallo ich hab mal ne ask ^ ^
What viedoformat So what file do I need to take on the ton auchn image comes to me there are always only a ton of images is never there ^ ^
what additional program is recommended?

Antwort von Markus:

what additional program is recommended?

This can be illustrated by the current data only guess: Since missing a video codec to view the Picture. What it is, you will find, if necessary with the video file diagnostic tool GSpot.

Antwort von andidhouse:

ok danke hab ma ne nor do I ask with my digicam videos and if I am on my pc kopir are to ac3 and audiodatein of WMM will not recognize the lies s.format or s.der cam?

Antwort von Markus:

... are to ac3 and audiodatein of WMM will not recognize ...

AC3 is Dolby Digital and a Windows-equipped PC has no decoder for that. It may therefore well be that the Movie Maker does not support this format, with the DV editing audio compression formats in general should be avoided. If you have the AC3 file before importing into WAV with 48 kHz sampling rate and 16 bit stereo umwandelst should (at least so that) no more problems occur.

... I do with my digicam videos [...] is the s.format or s.der cam?

Digicam is a generic term for simple digital cameras, camcorders and virtually the same everything except mobile phones, which you can capture video. If you betray us, which device (Manufacturer, Model) you use ... * grins *

Antwort von andidhouse:

So I have a DiMAGE A200
synonymous, but I have a cannon MV790, it would be better?

Antwort von Markus:

synonymous, but I have a cannon MV790, it would be better?

So what the post is concerned, as should the DV format is much easier to handle.

Getting to see here:
FireWire FAQ">Camcorder / recorder s.PC connect, capture and edit images

Antwort von timstz:

I can understand the *. TOD - files do not import
and if I have it in a mpeg, mpg, wmv, ... Then rename the WMM just black without Sound and Picture.


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