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Frage von Babaluba:


I have the following problem. I got my camera man of such interviews (see Picture).

As you can see in the picture, the background is white (because fluorescent light) and the people totally yellow / orange. Is there a relatively quick way to correct this with Finalcut internal tools? without masks and tracking etc?

I tried to work with a 3-Way Color Correction, that's not so good ...



Antwort von Debonnaire:

In Final Cut Pro, I can help you, unfortunately, since I'm moving in the Adobe world. But I can give you a tip about "your" Camera Man: Fire stone him or send him into a future Camera-/Beleuchtungskurs or simply tell him, he should not make the white balance on the background and then the unfiltered halogen-On-Camera Lamp is 60cm to turn in front of the lens located interviewee.

For Color correction: If you do not mind if the background is blue, you can tell the white balance in the NLE do so simply synonymous to the skin tones of the girls. That makes a nice complementary contrast between foreground and background. Could work possibly synonymous!


Antwort von domain:

Actually looks quite good. Ev. lard, that is, remove Farsättigung. But this is a matter of taste.


Antwort von Babaluba:

Meanwhile, thank you, well, I can not choose, unfortunately, the camera men. 've Always talked with him, but turning again falls flat.

've Played bissl take out, the background is blue and the saturation was bissl s.gut synonymous.

next'm open to other suggestions.



Antwort von Kevinovicz:

If you have Final Cut Pro, you've still synonymous Color?
Where do you take in the secondaries with the pipette on the skin color, variierst with the controls until the mask is true and reapproval then the color values, saturation and so on until the result is true - once everything as "coarse" said, -]
I think there synonymous in Final Cut Pro in the 3-way color correction, the ability to change color to be limited to a specific color range, when clicking the small arrow somewhere. Seats no longer s.Studio calculator and can only s.Montag give the exact "names". Maybe it will work out but synonymous that way.
Good luck!


Antwort von Kino:

Do you know Harrington from the "cow"?

I think the


could help you next, but requires the use of a mask that you have excluded in the opening post yet.


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