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Frage von Lea:


had first Ulead Video Studio in a version 10 for Windows XP. There, everything worked wonderfully. Have you bought a new PC with Windows Vista Home. Here, the film suddenly worked wizard no longer, although I use the Vista patch of Ulead already had installed. Have you installed the 11.0 trial, synonymous here worked the movie Wizard does not. Now I have it with the Trial of Pro VS X2 tried, but the problem remained. Once I start the movie Wizard, the program depends entirely on.

Do you have such a thing ever heard? Can a codec with what to do? I'm really baffled. I would like to buy the program, but did not want spend money for something that is not working properly.

Incidentally, had the times been synonymous Corel Support contacted. Support Mitarbeiterin reply: When I run the film's assistant. Actually brazenly, right? Perhaps nothing at all want to sell?

But the only times s.Rande, in any case I would look huge if you could help me. Get ready in advance thank you!



Antwort von dietzemichi:

So if the problem had not existed, and it now exists in the transition to the new calculator, it is really clear:
I maintain it is s.Vista if you can, you re-install XP is more stable and consumes fewer system resources.


Antwort von Lea:


thanks for the quick reply. Although I think Vista synonymous not so great, but the calculator completely rebuild, just because one program is not working properly, I am simply too time consuming. Everything else works flawlessly. And according to the information of the great support of the film is so wizard at them in Vista. Perhaps there is yet another solution for my problem?

Many greetings


Antwort von HST1990:

I had times Ulead Media Studio Pro 7 installed on Vista and it ran not synonymous.
For me it was s.dem design. When I design of Vista that had been classically ran it smoothly.

Maybe it helps yes.



Antwort von Lea:


Thanks for the answer. I thought I was the only one that it has a strange problem. Have you tried typing directly, but unfortunately he has not helped me synonymous. I have no explanation, what's wrong can be. But I will probably me anyway Adobe growth, because I Ulead Vista think overall is fairly unstable. Yet again thanks for the help and many greetings.



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