Infoseite // Different film lengths with WinDVD Creator2

Frage von j. b.:

have the following problem:
I take a TV-recording and its length is in WIN DVD and WinDVD Creator 2 equal.
Then I add a chapter with WinDVD Creator and burn it, which is rendered synonymous. Subsequently, the film is several minutes shorter. The "abridged" version will be both synonymous with WinDVD as the regular DVD player displayed immediately.
Where the "missing" minutes gone? Was cut away, of course, nothing.


Antwort von Markus:


You may have to PAL (; 25 fps) and then received an NTSC DVD (and 30 fps) up?



Antwort von j. b.:

First, thank you for help!
No: I recorded in PAL and synonymous create a PAL DVD.



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