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Frage von Lil'Cutter:

Dear All,

I hope you can help me maybe.

I cut a DVCPro HD movie in Final Cut 6 and wants to play those losses now. Ie, in the best possible quality.
I am so taken:
File, export as a Quicktime movie and have let it stand as the current setting, also as a stand-alone movie.
My Timeline-File/Sequenz is DVCPro HD 1080p25.

've Heard of several pages, this is true because it is not synonymous kondiert new, but just the data "as is" playing off ... So as DVCPro HD movie.

However, the quality is not satisfactory. I see "contour" color in the picture and also the strong deep trouble.

It is remarkable synonymous, that is the finished film is a DVCPro HD 1080i50 - and not just as in the timeline / sequence, a DVCPro HD 1080p25.

What am I doing wrong?
How can the poor quality can be?

Thanks in advance!


Antwort von Axel:

I hope it reports Does anyone with direct experience.

First, it is clear that there is an error that shows the gap between sequence and exported, despite the film "current. Once."
The strange thing is that I - even though experience had no P2 - in my Final Cut Pro 7 no set sequence # 25p, for 1080's there to 24p and 50i.
If the timeline is ausgerendert and there appears to be no mistakes (take your time but the info for the render files show that data rates have?), I suggest that you test as used Compressor to export. There, too, there is no 1080p25 preset defaults but you can even edit and duplicate. Are these losses? I do not synonymous white. With my old iMac, I could not use because of the graphics card does not render some clever Effects and Motion and Color. Instead of exporting the program itself, I used compressor, and without previous rendering that did not even mention how: not only that the export worked without objection, s.der quality I could find nothing wrong synonymous.

"Lil'Cutter" wrote: However, the quality is not satisfactory. I see "contour" color in the picture and also the strong deep trouble.

This description is typical of clipped 8-bit values by filter or color correction within Final Cut Pro. The banding typically arises in gradients, which Pixelgekrissel areas of flat color. You 4:2:2, but 8-bit. If this story on the oe framerate problem based (but how could it?), Forget it. Otherwise, you ran through the Color Manual, specifically the chapter about bit depths, and how to avoid these mistakes.


Antwort von Lil'Cutter:

Hi Axel,

Thanks for your reply.

With color, I have actually made the color correction and then sent the whole s.Final Cut Pro. Since I have done this but on "Send s.Color", can there be no mistake once already surfaced. Back s.Final Cut Pro, it was the same way ( "send to").

With my sequence settings I thought that the image size is 1440x1080 (typical for DVC PRO HD), the video rate of 25fps and obviously the compressor is given DVC PRO HD 1080p25. In the top left window I mean.

Now I've found evt.l what, what could be the error:
When I call the "current setting" itself (so do) the same parameter, it specifies "Quality: Medium" and this is not synonymous with change.
Is it possible to test, just by example on "with Quicktime conversion" so that then go and entering.

Unlike the example in h.264 or animation ... because you can adjust the quality and just go to "Highest".

Say it's possible that I must spend with another encoding? Only then it is no longer the raw / native format (a condition of many a festival).

Thank you very much!


Antwort von Axel:

"Lil'Cutter" wrote: In the top left window I mean.
Yeah, I've got it synonymous.
The format is synonymous in the Color Manual explicitly accepted as import format called, but not as an export format. As such, is named along with animation Uncompressed and ProRes. The Return s.Final Cut Pro in the original codec well off, but apparently not correct. How do you see the render files for color now? Are okay, or even synonymous bad?

As I said, I hope it appears a specialist, but generally I do not think the native work of the most favorable Final Cut Pro workflow. The manual recommends for DVCProHD even "Uncompressed". Perhaps you look better here.

EDIT: I just spent time ProResHQ 25p with Compressor as DVCProHD50i and see the wrong frame rate, despite no difference to the original. As I had expected it synonymous.


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