Infoseite // Final Cut Pro sequence frame rate setting for EOS 7D?

Frage von zbra:

've Searched a lot but unfortunately found no answer to my problem. Probably the answer is simple .... ! I recorded material with an EOS 7D in 720P with 24fps and 60fps. Now I would like to cut all export and fps in Figure 24. From the 60 fps to be slow in part motions. Now the question is how do I make the sequence settings s.besten and how do I get it back I lose the 60 fps umwandel in slow motion without quality? Do I need to change in the whole previously Cinema Tool in 24 fps or does it synonymous with Final Cut Pro? I view as not all the way? Oh yes, one more question. Is it useful to convert s.Anfang in ProRes and I lose quality. I can quicktimes so synonymous import so and cut, rendering must then stop, but that is not of the quality better?

So, sorry for the chaos and thank you in advance. Am grateful for every answer. Would be glad if you is written so that I understand it synonymous (, -!


Antwort von Jott:

"Is it useful to convert s.Anfang in ProRes and I lose this quality."

Yes, no. From Canon's way, an import tool for Final Cut Pro.


Antwort von Axel:

You're right, you open all s.besten 60p ProRes clips (Final Cut Pro will show in the browser frame rate) in cinema tools and they are converting to 24 fps with one click. The parallel open Final Cut Pro now synonymous changes the browser info. This is synonymous a case where the colored labels are very useful for you to see behind quickly, which is slow motion.


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