Infoseite // Final Cut filter against flicker of recorded image projector / monitor

Frage von Kathi888:

I am BZE to the desperate search for a suitable filter of Final Cut Pro, the flicker, the strips dissolve, which can be seen occasionally on a video in which was of a beamer projected BIld added. Habs tried with lift skip, no success.
Ideas ????? I am grateful for everything!


Antwort von SammyGray:

I'm on the synonymous Search:)


Antwort von Axel:

This filter is not. At least not to my knowledge.

But the problem is of course known. Very often static images are projected (type PPP). Then a good frame as Stillimage (track) over the entire time einskaliert V2: V1 and V2 Clips Of (important: in the timeline, not in browser) select both> right s.Motion> send the corners of the monitor / projector image with> Moving Color correction tools from the Preview or iPhoto, optimize the next and again in Final Cut Pro, then import.


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