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Frage von holzbrettfahrer:

Dear Community,
I have been a short time, Go Pro HD Cam and will go mad with the format / container with which the camera takes.

First of all: I have long been the Canon HV30 and the Canon XH A1.
Always take in 1080i / 50i and am very satisfied with the "workflow" in Adobe Premiere / After Effects etc.

My problem is this:
The HD Pro only takes in "on P". I filmed to date, only 720p with 60 fps.
To work at all in Premiere so I can have the format / container until time of mp4 (H.264) to convert mov so I can edit it at all in Premiere. But no preference which Schnittfensterart (settings CS4 AVCHD, DVC PRO HD, HDV, blah blah) I choose will be displayed in the timeline always yellow and my quad core with 8 GB of Ram can barely fit represent the clips in real time.

And now if I still 1-2 Effects pure pull and a little editire renders Premiere hours for a 5-minute clip.

Is there an optimal setting for the H.264 mp4 files or do I really change everything and then nachrendern even forever?

I look forward to a reply!


Antwort von preisl:

I work for some time also with the GoPro Hero HD and have it set to 1080i. After I downloaded the clip, I open it in Edius 5th There, the clips are processed correctly. Although it is synonymous jerky when playing on the timeline, but after the render I get a perfect smooth, avi which I then further processes.
How it works in Premiere, I can tell you, unfortunately not, but trying times with 1080i


Antwort von motiongroup:

Unfortunately they are not normal in Edius verabeitet by the QT gamma shift problem ...

Applies to all Schnittaps to use the QT Importer ..


Antwort von rush:

There seems to be a workaround for it ...

That said, I felt the problem is not quite so dramatic ... only in direct AB Comparison it falls on ...


Antwort von motiongroup:

forget the color correction ... is particularly stark when the material mixed ....

as an example


Antwort von holzbrettfahrer:

hmm thanks for your answers.
I know not what thou hast Cam PRO HD but on my recordings, I can only different progressive format. And in 1080 is only progressive anyway!

Too bad the ninth with Adobe and the PRO HD is working, because then he might have been synonymous the solution. I will try next time even in English speaking Pages to find the solution.

But the containts mp4 nerves no end. Hope someone knows there is a solution not so computationally intensive as the present yet!


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