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Frage von colin93:


I know as yet not really good with DV editing / processing. I got a camera but now and have a Powermac G5 running Final Cut Studio on the 6th Now I was about to try around a bit synonymous trainings already a DVD for Final Cut Pro was worried, but I'm not at first to try the following reason.

When I open Final Cut Pro I have the right settings for my camera set s.dieser point I do not know exactly what I have set I am supposed to have just set something with 1080/50i what actually would have fit my camera.

But if I drag a video and import to the timeline, it can be as good as not playing, because the video extremely jerky. I have been synonymous googled and looked around me here in the forum and have come up with the idea that video rendering but that would take a 5-minute video apparently 4 hours.

Now my question is what can I do? Do I have to accept this absolutely insane s.Ende render times or is it just a setting thing?

I hope you can help me. Here are some useful information:

Camera: Samsung SC-H200
Camera recording options: 1080/50i (for my current video used), 720p and 480p. It will give the video as a mp4 file.
Software: Final Cut Pro 6 (Academic)

if you want to know anything else let us know.

Best regards,


Antwort von EThie:

I wonder that because anything goes. AVCHD (H.264) is supported according to Apple only of Intel-based Macs. need for the G5 PowerPC with IBM therefore a secondary program of the AVCHD format to convert only in ProRes. There is something I know even as freeware. Perhaps one of the experts know such a program?

E. Thiel.


Antwort von pailes:

ProRes my knowledge there is not PowerPC. With AIC can possibly still do something and you can convert AVCHD synonymous with 3rd-party tools, but that takes a whole lot of computing power and then takes correspondingly long.


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