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HV30 > Ulead Video Studio > mein Film steht Kopf :-(

HV30> Ulead Video Studio> my film is turned upside down :-(

Frage von Peter13:
Juni 2008


I have now received my HV30.
Everything fine so far.
When I see the clips in the calculator had synonymous everything looks good, until I reflected.
Then the film on the head (Ulead Video Studio)
Still On Break = Image is again the right way.
Play = Kopfstand.

What is the cause?

With the program, I am satisfied so far.

Antwort von robbie:

"Peter13" wrote:

With the program, I am satisfied so far.

Well, because then where is the problem? : P

No, kidding ..

And it looks as if you as older clips that are not of this camera come importierst?

Antwort von Pianist:

"Peter13" wrote:
When I see the clips in the calculator had synonymous everything looks good, until I reflected.
Then the film on the head (Ulead Video Studio)
Still On Break = Image is again the right way.
Play = Kopfstand.

The solution should provide a rotatable mount for your monitor's.


Antwort von Peter13:


when the audience turns on its head is the problem, I know.
Another solution would be ... I actually prefer to

So, the old files as mpg, which as a new avi.

Avi stands head and what I will not be the same.
But only when playing, breastfeeding is the same image again.
The cam will be properly recognized, connection via Firewire.
Program again to reinstall, no change.

Time in the Movie Maker tried - is the same.

And now?

Antwort von Kar.El.Gott:

Are you left handed? Trying times with the HV30 in the right hand to film ...

Antwort von Peter13:

Hmm, do you think this helps?

Antwort von B.DeKid:


Films with 35 mm adapter?

Antwort von Peter13:

veräppeln can I myself .............

The clips are from normal, synonymous with the recording in the calculator.
Will I see them, they stop on the head - s.nur avi.

Is it annoying bisserl

The problem is certainly the calculator, but where?
Previously it was synonymous s

Antwort von camworks:

gabs earlier times NEN virus, which has caused something. Scan your pc time with his current virus scanner!

Antwort von Jan:

Please let the fingers of drug, alcohol is not a solution!

Antwort von Freak-X:

How would it be with silly jokes with a serious mal-intentioned piece of advice?

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack should resolve the issue (possibly Tweak Tool)


Antwort von B.DeKid:


Kuck mal da

Antwort von Jan:

Sorry, but I've not yet done on the & Magix Movie Maker to import a movie or play then the program auto verkehrtrum shown (of course if he was normally recorded).


Antwort von Jan:

"B. DeKid" wrote:

Kuck mal da

- Improperly configured PC system - who would have guessed ....


Antwort von DWUA:

Antidote antidote sometimes helps.
Some people here can certainly s.die rfct Discussion remember.
Questioner knows the tool, but apparently not.
Because he knows it, his problem would be solved.


Antwort von Jan:

I've still never heard what otherwise would be my answer is not so vorlaut been. Because trolls here everyday synonymous bum you can never be sure whether the question is meant seriously.


Antwort von DWUA:

Hi Jan,
it is obviously a troll.
One has only advisory board him, his head stand-in avi
"a bit annoying," - to interrupt.
To be with rclt (real cinema look tool) apart
must be set.
But when bitt'schön dia dahoam;
net do with us, Herst, liaba Peter13


Antwort von Jörg:

"Freak-X" wrote:
How would it be with silly jokes with a serious mal-intentioned piece of advice?

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack should resolve the issue (possibly Tweak Tool)

Now would you like of this advice certainly not the bringer of salvation!
Quite the contrary, the fault is with safety of a corrupt codec pack caused. Do you have any packs installed? Tests these parts to throw down ....

Antwort von Peter13:


is very serious!

The problem I have already explained.
Has since adopted a codec?

No, I do not have any additional packages installed.

With the material of the GS90 has it synonymous works.
The HV30 supplies but nothing else

each clip is played in the head stand.
In the storyboard, they now just right.

Nobody has any idea where this may occur?

Antwort von camworks:

hast du den tipp with the virus scanner tried?
hast du den tipp with the hardware acceleration tried?

if not, do.

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

"DWUA" wrote:

To be with rclt (real cinema look tool) apart
must be set.

So nee. Because the software is of the century, and reap what the developers? Scorn and ridicule. Fie, and again Pfui.
Furthermore, the REAL FEEL CINEMA TOOL. That you can now post a hundred times, without cut'n'copy bittscheen.

Antwort von Peter13:

So Kinnen,

ye are to me so no help :-(

So, in my PC gibbet no pathogens, is constantly being scanned.
Superfluous stuff I did not install from the age I am (hopefully) out :-).

BTW - the cam is now the umpteenth tested.
And has passed. Class Picture, sound, zoom synonymous in Digibereich,
Exact working AF. The stay may be.

Previously, I had the Pana GS90 - not happy.
Zuperzoom only opt. used Digizoom scrap.
AF very unstable / restless. And Cam was very bad in the hand.

The HV30 seems to me so far for the minimum necessary for proper equipment and images.

Antwort von camworks:

young, DIR is not to help! Now the third and final notice of me, the graphics hardware acceleration is perhaps to "no", as in the above mentioned contribution.

Antwort von Peter13:

Nee, "Young", which is at full throttle.

I think I am going somewhere else beforehand.
A pity, actually provides a forum from really interested.
What is in a serious question as the answers come, the very opposite.

Schaun mer times .......

Antwort von Andreas_Kiel:

"Peter13" wrote:
actually provides a forum from really interested.

You were very high a serious link, which is conceivable to solve problems. Unfortunately, this rarely give you feedback, now what you've tried and what does not. At the link was, for example, did nothing of Dir
Well then do not be surprised about slightly pitted comments. With the number of synonymous go bathe in other forums: depending on the tolerance level, sooner or later.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Peter13" wrote:
So Kinnen,

ye are to me so no help :-(


Gude Peter13

First welcome to Slashcam and now we want time .....

So my question about the 35mm adapter was serious and I wanted you so do not appear too close.
Things that you previously Because of MPG and AVI threw into the room I had turned off times.

As a result, I think you leave the link I posted had come a couple of questions of principle. you should clarify if you would like to solve problems.


Item Hardwear:

What kind of system do you have?
Which graphics card `?
What you take Softwear accurately and to restore the settings?
What log 'ed G-SPOT-rehearsed to the file - what Log'ed G-SPOT 2bearbeiteten to File "?

What a Softwear is exactly of the process you use (version). What settings?

Which version of MS Media Player is using you?

HAST DU VLC PLAYER INSTALLED? (If not mach das mal bitte! - Can still enjoy the next WMP to look but PLEASE use the minimum times to install VLC, ok?)


You can not blame, usually the more you listen the QUESTION, "How do I rotate my picture by 180 degrees. And although mostly in relation to 35 mm adapter .... oh well. But it is quite interesting, if a user on sollche errors / problems reported.
So really next to you to help you learn more about the system and materials know synonymous. a little "worked Marterial piece" eg via RapidShare posted and man sehn kännte viellöeicht what it is.

So things like that. To ProblemLäsung can always just enough imputé lead.
Otherwise it will be difficult to obtain assistance.


What I wanted to ask

What an AGM, it is not the PAL or NSTC
How can you edit the AVI output .... ie with which codec
Für nen What virus scanner you use - although here I only see the problem ..... ?????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????

Alla you see it (particularly the chin to ponder bereet you helfee'busche) but you have to be synonymous NEN bissel help.
The problem is this rare umbedingt synonymous and should be considered relevant and will be treated.

So let's turn as times go, the intressieren doing it myself, like so what could happen.

B. DeKid

PS: And then there are links and solutions. ;-)

Antwort von Modellbahner:

Hello, as I would like New synonymous times to matter. When I joined this effect, however, when Pinnaclestudio 9. but then there were all the images on the head (preview and timeline). was reinstallation synonymous nothing, after a thorough cleansing of all Pinnacle Regestri of data then it worked. work was a murder, because the program has a lot of data was stored there. Perhaps my reference indeed to help you.
Gruß bernd

Antwort von Peter13:

@ B. DeKid:

Hello, I will not grumble, but the answers that were given, one wonders really after the seriousness ...


- No adapter that uses Cam "as is".
- System Celeron M, 1.5 GHz, 1.2 GB RAM
- Gk SiS M661 MX
- Cam is PAL
- Prog is Ulead Video Studio 10 SE

Is not a "super computer" (notebook), but before it went so synonymous.

I have the problem at least partially solved.
The recorded movies are saved as mpg now, then it will go.
Avi files are available when playing the clip next head as Project (timeline), but not ....
The AVI files have previously synonymous but it works and nothing was changed.

Strange Case

I have also long periods of time spent with Regedit and tidy :-(

Incidentally, I assume in HDV to play the movies in DV in the calculator. Experimental way, I had the cam completely converted to DV, but uses nothing. So again HDV.

Antwort von Peter13:

I have fixed the problem

It was s.einem DivX software error

I have all drivers and the like, and the software kicked out and replaced.

Now it goes back up correctly on some. Mov files.
(which run as flawlessly clip in the timeline, but only briefly as a Still Picture Image, Sound is next)

But no preference, which I use anyway not.

I wanted to be ready cut material back into the Cam record - does not work. Come on now s.and at times a Picture.
Let's see if I find a thread about this

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