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Frage von Muggs:

Hey Guys,

again a hurdle for my little film ;-)..

I have to films of a Canon EOS 5D converted to play in the AIC smoothly while the cutter ..
See here:

Now I have the following problem: the converted files in QuickTime to see from the way the originals. In FCE, I have the problem that the films are shown on large / zoomed.

This is not so that FCE will zoom the movie easy and I can fix that. The display is simply clipped s.einem some point.

I invite the original files, I have not the problem. However, FCE the original films are not displayed in real time.

Does anyone have any advice for me? THANK YOU!


Antwort von Axel:

The answer sounds stupid, I know that size is relative. Look after your first time, how big are your AIC movs. That is in a browser column. Then look for how your sequence setting is (right Slick> Settings). Last Picture resize the canvas so that it no longer fills the window (eg 12.5% or so), then take your (canvas drop-down menu)> Picture and wire model show. The boundaries of your footage will be visible and can be scaled. Did you know? For scaling, rotation and position you do not have the viewer (tab "movement") because the canvas is also a key frame diamond. That's cool. Less cool is that they still clip viewer must load into the back. This has to go in future versions of FC.

As always synonymous, there is somewhere an option to auto footage on scaled sequence size, but conversely there is no automatic circumcision of clips. The touches of her unwanted display an incorrect setting that you have somewhere (so not).


Antwort von Muggs:

cool! Thank you! I like trying times ..


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