Infoseite // Home Video in m2ts AVCHD format on DVD-Video with Time and Date

Frage von greeshark:

Hello, I have a particular problem. I have a few AVCHD home videos to mini-DVD. Now I want to burn these movies in DVD-Video format so that friends can watch in a DVD player. The current time and date but should almost always be seen and branded in the Picture, just as it indicates synonymous my DVD camcorder, when playing these clips.
In NeroVision, for example, this transformation is quite simple, but time and date are not visible. Who can help? Thank you.


Antwort von deti:

As far as I know, there is no automatic function for your suggestion. That you have to either hand over a section of the DVD-authoring software or on the subtitle function make. As an alternative to an editing program you could use AviSynth synonymous to create script-a text to fade.



Antwort von greeshark:

Hello, ok, I thought the data could be read easily. The camcorder so she gets synonymous from somewhere. Thanks for your answer.


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