Infoseite // MPEG "and SCN file into MAGIX Video Deluxe 2007 edit?

Frage von 01johannes:

I was probably wrong words:
I have done the following.

Digi-of my VideoCam (a SonyDCR-TRV210E PAL) with Pinnacle 8
and rendered the movie on my hard drive saved.
and although with the following setting:
Data 6000KBite/sec
MPEG2 (DVD quality)

-then with NERO to burn a DVD to hard drive and will be released later to the film editing.

When I input the DVD now appear the following files:
3.958 GB NeroMediaPlayermediafiles
SCN file 7KB

Now my problem:

I would now like to turn this video into MAGIX Video Deluxe 2007 to restore and editing.
-Although it does look but not edit. The storyboard is only the first scene, in the timeline mode mehr.kann but the individual scenes do not select. it is all selected.

If I direct the video of the Digikamera with MAGIX Video deluxe 2007 on the mode: Recording with render mode and then Edit to do, I have no problems.

What should I convert or there is the so-ever not?
Can I use the film in Pinnacle8 geränderte MAGIX do not edit?
But it is a MPEG2. I understand what's wrong?

Would you very grateful for hints.
Am not very versed in DV editing.

Thank you!



Antwort von Markus:

"01johannes" wrote: [...] Then MPEG2 with NERO to burn a DVD to hard drive and will be released later to the film editing.
This workflow is a modification. To videotapes at a later date nachzubearbeiten you should not only MPEG-2 compression and then nested together with the sound (as is the compressed?) In a VOB container stuck.

Moreover, the video in this case, even if no longer in the MPEG2 format? What exactly is because the "NeroMediaPlayermediafile"? Is not that an independent Nero story? Can the video, perhaps with Nero to extract and save in a format that is supported of Magix?


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