Infoseite // Material DVD (VOB), re-use in Final Cut?

Frage von Moik:

I have a problem and although I've finished four DVD's got (vob) to be finished films. I should cut a trailer for each DVD, but I do not get it out to convert the material properly. I have the movie with Mpeg Streamclip open and then exported it as h264 in the same quality as the video (HDV 25p) then the film was in Final Cut imprtiert and cut apart with it. Reproduction in Finalcut works but when I cut apart for complete movie somewhere, it remains in play between them are short and jerky, and when I insert a transition between two clips, there's another part of the clip appears briefly and jerky, too. Well, I try to export the whole and the result is horrible, all pixelated? you any idea how to contact again DVD material, or how to do it properly exported have to be able to use it again in the Final Cut?

Lg Mike


Antwort von Jott:

With MPEG Streamclip convert to ProRes (LT or 422), H.264 is nonsense.


Antwort von Moik:

Thank you:) with Apple Hdv 25p it works now synonymous:)
Lg Mike


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