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Frage von Marinade:

I have read here that many of their old VHS camcorder using her on the AV-IN on the PC digitizer.
What happens if the AV in one PAL camcorder via AV-IN with an NTSC source feeds? To be exact, are not times to NTSC but the universally hated PAL-60.

Someone with this experience?

Greet the marinade


Antwort von Quadruplex:

Your video converter must support it - nothing else does.
Otherwise: Right above "Quick" NTSC or PAL 60 input encourages you to everything important relating to days ...


Antwort von HighDefinition:

yes I'm with the familiar theme .. I already have many NTSC vhs with "normal" tv karten (& Phillips Chipset) captured but this procedure is very cumbersome to get the richtigne settings.

it is special for a sony hc46 cheap I could buy a friend.
White jemadn since if one with this camcorder NTSC or PAL 60 can capture?


Antwort von Markus:

"One guest wrote: White jemadn since if one with this camcorder NTSC or PAL 60 can capture?
PAL camcorders come only with pure PAL-to-play deal. Anything else will (at best) to black and white images, or (worst case) to a blue screen.

If your VHS recorder pure NTSC 3.58 can output, could you imagine an A / D converter borrow that is converted to NTSC. The alternative would be hiring a commercial provider.


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