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I know that one should render the Picture for TV in 720 x 576 and to the "non-square pixel" is calculated, the 4:3 is not the real picture (is rectified 720 x 576) on the TV, so it 4:3 (is 768 x 576).

But when I calculate a video in mpeg1, so that it can play on a computer monitor I have it already equalized to calculate, is not it? So, I mean in 768 x 576 and with "square pixels".

I lie there right?


Antwort von Gast:

You have to distinguish resolution (number of pixels, detail) and aspect ratio.
This is the normalization of a PAL Video CD from MPEG-whitebook:
MPEG-1 352x288 25fps CBR 1150kbps, Layer-2 44100Hz 224kbps. Playing a Video CD, you can synonymous to each stand-alone DVD player that is a whole (for example, almost) to 4:3, but with a lower Resolutionals a DVD.
As long as you only on the PC monitor to play you need not hold you s.The norm. Do you choose which of you called high resolution (eg, because your source material is good and you massive space on the hard drive you have) you should transcode to MPEG-2nd


Antwort von Predator:

Yes with the mepeg 1 is now only occurred to me then. Of course, I codeiere everything in MPEG 2 But in the case, make a small file to Mpeg 1 in I was a little confused because 720 x 576 is not 4:3, then, is 1.33:1, but 1.25:1. And this 1.25:1 to 1.33:1 extends the TV again.

Have now tried various things. The picture is always displayed correctly in 4:3. Have a circle pattern and calculated as a measure of whether he remains synonymous around. I noticed that I have little smoky, but above and below. Thought: Huh? What's going on. Material 4:3. Monitor 4:3

But then I got the time Resolutiondes monitor closer look. The fact is 1280 x 1024 and thus not 4:3 but 1.25:1. So rather than square 4:3. Hence the black bars above and below.


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