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Frage von fleshmann:


I want a possibility, a PAL video to distribute a total of 4 monitors. The aim of the project is to 'get through a pre-cut videos some kind of "Überwachungsesthetik. So far we have supplied each monitor with a separate DVD player, which means, however, that all 4 players must be started exactly at the same time to create the synchronicity within the images. I would now like 4 different videos than the aggregate picture-in-Picture and then subsequently re-distributed to the four separate monitors. The immense loss of resolution does not matter.

Does anyone know a solution for this purpose? The installation will be used in a play and should therefore absolutely reliable running ..

THANK YOU for your answers!


Antwort von Dongball:

So again just so I do not understand incorrectly:

You make a DVD on it with a movie where the picture is simply divided into 4 parts.

Moechstet so now you get this done, each of the 4 monitors virtually the individual elements of the image grabs and displays.


Antwort von steveb:

synonymous to me, unfortunately your project is not yet clear?
Please explain the way of the four pictures again closer look!

But schonmal without your answer ...

... four videos you can with an editing program (summarized as the effect), but the edited video it does not allow Subsequent splitting.

If you are working with 4 identical DVD players you need is a FB to start, stop, etc. .. would not be synonymous helpful?

Why is it necessary for the four videos will be put together and then split up again?


Antwort von SportRally:


dongball is quite correct. The four videos will actually be rendered in a Picture by PiP, so it is only a single stream is started. So far we have used in the samples actually four identical players and suggested that, as of steveb, with only one FB started. Unfortunately, here again and again, that at least one of the players will launch "slept" with which the whole illusion is in the bucket. Even the difference between the starting times of each player, at least minimally, even when all 4 get the same start signal.
Therefore, the option to aggregate everything in one picture ..

Loss of quality is of course clearly visible, but as I said playing at this kind of material does not matter.

It is indeed the so-called video walls, which is basically synonymous distributed a Picture on multiple monitors. In the TV probably has the vision mixers such a possibility. Such Gerätschaft but for a small theater production as our simply unaffordable ..

Thanks again-and even ..!


Antwort von megalutzi:

So I understand what you want. Here's my approach. Their expected along the 4 pictures, but not in PAL resolution, but in a PC-resolution (1024x768 or larger), so it minimizes the loss of resolution.
The whole does not play her off of a DVD player, but directly from the PC. To the VGA output is crucial for its 4 VGA video converter in series. Some converter have a zoom function. This is not the full desktop content as an output video signal, but only a portion (usually 1 / 4). Each of the 4 Converter now ranks in other quadrants and gives out a video. Because of the higher input resolution is synonymous of lower quality loss.

As a converter, I can tell you that the (


Antwort von Markus:


in the next article the same question was asked synonymous if the title of that discussion can not be immediately suspect. ;-)



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PAL Video to distribute mehrewre Monitors

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