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Frage von Cut'n'Go:


I now loose 10 DVD's burned and can not find a solution:

I have raw material in PAL 16:9, which I have cut together in Magix Video Deluxe 16th I give the movie as MPEG2 16:9 and from the PC all is well. But striking - the film is as specified in VLC with 720x576 pixels when the video window but I s.PC measure, it has 1024 * 576 pixels, that is true 16:9.

I burn the whole project now on DVD and put it into the DVD player (tested with Philips and Toshiba, each HDMI port), right and left s.LCD-Television, the edges cut off, as if the video would be too wide. In addition, the picture is distorted in the Width.

Amazing - on a cheap Mustek DVD player with SCART connection in the Picture ok.

Does anyone have any idea, how to get this under control?

Thanks in advance!


Antwort von Räuber:

Moin had recently synonymous the problem - I was helped here: =

I have it set as follows and also reduced about 5% (Picture was not seen worse) - right click on object, edge clipping compensation chosen - voila!

Good luck,


Antwort von nicecam:

"Cut'n'Go" wrote: I now loose burned 10 DVD's ...
The next time to try it out rather then DVD-RW's take, which charred more than just ... ;-)


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