Infoseite // RING LIGHT for video recordings: diode vs. Tube! What lights more efficient?

Frage von Numquam:

Moin moin,

Yesterday I had the experience of the music video shoot that I am definitely missing a ring light.

Now my question is if I put more on diode or tube? Who has gathered some experience with both types of light and can "sound" advise?



Antwort von B.DeKid:

Tubes are currently represented s.meisten still not as diodes

It is actually sitting but no preference because there anyway the white acrylic rings before.

Power From her part, the diodes are already horny but because you can even dim or in series / ring switch ;-(, synonymous consume less power

When it comes cheap diodes but after a certain time to light color temperature shifts that are quite measurable.

That can Stürer after recording duration may, in practice hardly relevant.


B. DeKid


Antwort von PowerMac:

In the case of daylight:

It's not so much about color temperature variations, but the different spectra. Even if a full-spectrum light with ring takes about 5800 Kelvin, it may seem a little warmer (not sure what your face hurts), but all colors are well reproduced. Poor LED lamp with lousy spectrum provides tend to unsightly skin color reproduction with slight color casts. Although coming out s.Ende about 6500 Kelvin, so this says nothing about the spectrum of light and not synonymous to the color reproduction.


Antwort von schlaflos011:

Are there any recommendations for a light-standard equipment if you want to rent?

For us in January a new video shoot is planned.
So far we have only 1x 2x 800W 1000W Open Face and 1x 300W Fresnel

More opinions on the ring light, I am very interested!


Antwort von B.DeKid:

"Schlaflos011" wrote: Are there any recommendations for a light-standard equipment if you want to rent?

I am the Meihnung

- How to give as synonymous?

Light, one should always feel and especially always have all sizes and subtleties s.Start enough.

So almost of the mini flashlight up to 2KW heaters.

And this one should be used due Situations synonymous.


If my Tip

Creating a storyboard, writing or any scene / picture setting down and make ever thought.

Have a lot of craft stuff s.Start, Say reflectors, sheets, forms, etc.

The quasi-one can quickly adapt to any situation.

B. DeKid


Antwort von Numquam:

In this respect I note that it would make sense to have both options available.

A ring of dimmable light diodes which are connected in series is built so quickly and cost possibly 30 - 50 ¬. The cost factor is more here then on the ring with light tube.

Diodes have a life but in the best case of 50,000 hours.

I think I will try out the first affordable option.

Diodes there are in different versions with different color temperatures to buy.

As one can let off steam so synonymous and must not buy the overpriced Standardkram. And a dimmer switch installed and the drops is sucked.



Antwort von B.DeKid:

Un for NEN ring light with stirring to get lamps included in the NEN Huni Hardware ne ceiling light with acrylic glass front of it already, open your thing and screw in the housing 4 bolts go through the s.nen angle on which you sit still behind the light NEN Spacer ne of the quick release plate has been mounted.

Already have quasi NEN Beautydish with continuous light which you can attach to NEN tripod ;-)

* Is of course bound mäassig power via cable made, but its effect synonymous *

In the DSLR Messageboard, there is some good DIY threads Beautydish looking NEN since past times, and replace the flash bulb by simply ne ;-)


Nen ring with light emitting diodes (LED) on Ebay can score for NEN few dollars
the play is the very cheap and you can save the tinkering.

Otherwise, look quadricopter times in forums where the guys have synonymous DIY instructions for your "UFO light rings" ;-) Posted

B. DeKid


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