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Test: Canon EOS 60D – Video-DSLR mit Klappdisplay

Test: Canon EOS 60D - DSLR video with folding screen

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Dezember 2010

Test: Test: Canon EOS 60D - DSLR video with folding screen of rob - 6 Dec 2010 15:28:00
> After the big comparison test Canon vs Nikon, we wanted to know of the Canon EOS 60D in a single test, which she brings in terms of DSLR video. For this purpose, they came in our test lab to the test and were synonymous with night shots of the game ...
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Antwort von dalubo:

Why should be the folding screen, the killer feature of this camera? Given the fact that Panasonic offers The same since the first G-Camera? Incidentally, it was not slashcam, which recently compared the link with the GH2 provides? And the result, at least here was a clear victory by technical and especially images-KO Panasonic. The Men Philip Bloom and Stu Maschwitz and HD magazines are full of praise for the competition. For this, the movies will fit on vimeo. I am honest, I still do not know any of them, but apparently the 60D in terms of video not a huge throw, but just an extension of super wide-range of Canon for another halfway house. I may be wrong, but because of the folding screen, I would not bring it to me ...

Antwort von Filmo:

The 60D was synonymous never announced as a "huge hit", it can in terms of video no longer than the other canyons, but handling them is great, not only because of the folding displays. I had a few years ne 40D, has the Bold always bothered me, so synonymous have the 50D "skipped" and use the 60D for a month and the next time there already synonymous XLH1 the shooting.

Plus, the folding screen I do not want to miss ....

Antwort von MeDIA-Maier.de:

The main criterion for me was the manual level control and thus the full use of the external ear microphone OKM2! If the test only briefly to Language. (Please do not reply synonymous with unnecessary references to non-DSLR)

Antwort von cineco:

So my first dslr a olympus 510, of which I was was very enthusiastic. synonymous but I did, of course, considered canon. but I simply have not fallen, although they were technically better. the olympus was better in the hand. and the lenses are very good. yet it bothered me then but that the system is limited.

there are simply many more accessories for canon. and the functionality is not bad. heavy heart I sold my Olympus and therefore wanted to have set a 550d. the film mainly, but for photography synonymous. but the 550d has just this typical mini entry-level case, the one with normal-sized hands can barely hold true. because my 60d was just right. she has a proper housing, not too small, not too big and is good in the hand. it has the foldable what you do not value highly enough and the manual level control. without these two features you can not actually turn wise film. I certainly do not.

gh2 has all synonymous and many other benefits. but it is just a 4 / 3 and has a very small housing. There are drawbacks synonymous, as I could find. at least nothing for my hands. and ultimately it is so synonymous not only the technical quality. The handling is very important synonymous. and can rotate the canons man with good movies, you see it often enough. So it's really great that there are now a selection. something for everyone ....

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