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Test: test: SonyHDR-AX2000 of rudi - 29 Jan 2010 13:50:00
> After Sonyim last year with the HDR-FX1000 and the HVR-Z5 professional descendant gave a clear statement in favor of HDV, many industry experts see in the idea of HDR-AX2000 and the professional version bauähnlichen HXR-NX5 now the death knell for the last common tape format. Because the devices are similar to their counterparts in HDV, both technically synonymous in the price.


Antwort von Valentino:

Beautiful Test of you.
Unfortunately Sonybei seems the AX2000 to the NX5 have clearly picked up the red pencil. The XLR connections were long overdue, since this standard for other manufacturers such as Canon in the price range are.
Functions such as "Trans-Shot" has yet been my old HC1. Sometimes you have to really ask the question what the developers so everything goes through your head.

Personally to me this is all stuff of Sony AVCHD Canon and Co too colorful. I want a decent HD picture (at least 4:2:2) without pixel shift, and all the other computational tricks. Thanks to the H.264 codec I need a new calculator, which I can cut fluid, even for a few years with the Avid DNxHD codec and HD.

Finally concludes, it will amount to a 2 / 3 "of RED Scarlet, as yet to give the leading Manufacturer RAW workflow too little attention.


Antwort von Mr. B:

How this cam is really in Comparison to assess the Panasonic HMC151? If there possibly another test?
Would love to shortly publish a Semipro buy camcorder in this price category, as are preparing for a small film project. Definitely want to add SD cards (no tapes).
Thanks schonmal :-)


Antwort von Jörg:

Quote: How this cam is really in Comparison to assess the Panasonic HMC151?

had Sonygestern briefly in his hand. First impression:
Considerably heavier, but still no higher quality feel, on the contrary, the Pana is better (my) hand, has better handling, better display and viewfinder on the Sony, fortunately, has left Sony, despite the cmos, the sharpness at almost normal levels,
good automatic default, to look at the user presets lacked the time.
Pana has better equipment with waveform / vector scope, Sonypunktet in the rings and card slots, who place heavy emphasis on telecommunications, the Sony is taking. Facilities will have to estimate the user for himself.
For me, the KO criterion of missing 720 50p mode would be like without thorough testing me the "picture" of the Pana better.

As I said Kurzeindruck, totally subjective perception.


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