Infoseite // There Benefactor TV cards, the Dolby 5.1?

Frage von Jakehet:

Hi folks,

Frege ne times very stupid, but I can not find a TV card (PCI Dolby Surround 5.1) supported. Is there really no one has any way and Trix?

My hope I can help!



Antwort von matthew:

hab ne skystar2 and still get all available dd 5.1 broadcasts purely as such.

I do not know, pointed with dvb-t or dvb-c card looks like, or better, whether transmitted in these standarden dd 5.1, but with dvb-s ists no problem!

gruß matthew


Antwort von steveb:

If you have a sound card that can do it, you'll be able abpielen synonymous DD5.1.


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