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Frage von GhostDog:

Hello Together

I hab da mal ne Frage.

I use Magix Video deluxe 2004-2005. As with the internal Ligosencoder I'm not satisfied, I work with Tmpeg.

I'm interested in whether my method sequence is correct or is there an easier way.

I'm working with a film in Magix (eg.) 50 min Movie length - then export the movie into AVI raw - uncompressed with 720 x 540-Avi then get a movie with about 100 GB in size. Rate this movie, I then compress with Tmpeg CBR at a bit rate of 8000 to approximately 3.5 GB.
The film runs - but the sharpness is not quite ideal - but better than with the Magix Encoder.

Is my approach correct or is there an easier, better or faster way?

Thank you in advance for your help



Antwort von Markus:

Hello Harry,

Only time s.Rande regarding the horizontal Resolutionvon 540 pixel: NTSC movies you cut with square pixels? But that would be already a cons for the quality if the recordings are of DV tape ...


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