Infoseite // ask for breitbild mask in Final Cut Pro

Frage von fno:


breitbild the mask in Final Cut Pro offers as the smallest aspect ratio 1.66:1. how are you even smaller?

Thank you!


Antwort von Jott:

What do you mean by smaller? Can you select it, letterboxing for various popular movie formats. Individual beams, for which synonymous forever, you can easily make about various other ways themselves tinkering.

The beauty s.dem filter is that you can easily jump "behind" the letterbox can stand nachkadrieren - what must be done in such actions almost always.


Antwort von fno:

Thanks for your answer!

With small, I mean simply a small aspect ratio, and down went the beam with 1,66:1 still too thick (synonymous with "edge" to 0). I can control the beam synonymous with homemade offset? where can I find a bastelanleitung?

thank you very much


Antwort von Jott:

Loosely speaking, Final Cut Pro can actually anything but hardly anyone knows it, because the manual is so thick.

One of the many opportunities in the "hand holding"

Two times "Slug" or a black color surface over the entire sequence. Once the bottom of cut, once the top of circumcised usefully with the same value. The clips to move them vertically to Nachkadrieren: directly with the mouse and holding down the Shift button-up in the Canvas or runterziehen.

Other possibilities: the desired mask in Photoshop and build drüberlegen. In a black color surface on the sequence with a 4-point mask release the inner area. And so next. Enjoy!


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