Infoseite // how do I get movies on DVD with sharp FINAL CUT PRO 5??

Frage von Heiner Kunk:

We s.der University of synonymous and Final Cut Pro 5 DVD Studio Pro 3 So far I've always exported my movies as a Quicktime movie and then by TOASTER or so burned to DVD.

When I wiede rtunwollte yesterday, I realized that the film in toaster a very small space occupied by the blank DVD, although the movie is 2GB large, which means that yes, he probably heavily compressed.

How do I get the lossless movie on DVD? Can I burn a DVD directly from FINA LCUT, ie, without compressing the file before as a Quicktime movie?

THANK YOU, because I know I am still nothing ;-)


Antwort von joey23:

Which settings are you expüortierst? See the result of schei $ e? How long is your movie?


Antwort von Axel:

With kbps AC3 2.0 (= DolbyDigital 192, exportable in the old versions with "A pack" look, whether it's there) and Mpeg2 8.5 Mbps 1-pass CBR (best quality) instead of Compressor synonymous with the simple Quicktime export thus possible to fit an hour on a 5 GB disc (4.7 GB = 3.7 GB). With "Aiff" sound (ie PCM on the finished DVD) just over 50 minutes. With 2 GB, it would be 33 minutes long movie.


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