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Frage von tob04:

I have a small problem:
If I were a. Avi file that I made with my camcorder had in Premiere would like to paste the error message: "The file has an unsupported audio rate."
At Premiere can not liegn, given that my brother is working properly, and I have Divx synonymous top ...
Please, quick help
Thanks in advance!


Antwort von Markus:

DivX video editing in Premiere to want is a disaster ... as always, when a höchstkomprimiertes video format to be processed, no preference in what software.

Same question:


Antwort von tob04:

've now found a solution:
if I file with the Divx Converter to a. divx file and convert the file extension then. avi, I can rename it edit in Premiere ...
is a bit strange .. but as long as radio solls me be quite ^ ^


Antwort von Urs:

hi me is synonymous to
but net of all avi's
se all must convert into another format avi
With the program open video converter
klappt super


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