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kann keine AVI's in After Effects importieren...!

AVI's can not import into After Effects ...!

Frage von 313373Hilfe:
November 2005


I've einproblem And although I do not in After Effects 6.5. avi files can import all the codecs installed with Windows XP Sp2 and synonymous nen update for afft effects but still works net

Perhaps someone can help me even without that, I need to convert avi's to mpg!

Thank 313373Hilfe

Antwort von pennor:

So my steps were opened after effects and then open a new project and then import file -> -> file -> beispiel.avi

And the funzt net: '(

Antwort von lumpi:

what came for an error message? Which codec is the AVI file?

Antwort von 313373Hilfe:

there is no fehlerfmeldung and divx codec

Antwort von lumpi:

If no error occurs, you will only see a white Picture?

Antwort von pennor:

naja, he's just so nothing

Antwort von lumpi:

... I once searched in google then ... if you use Geforce graphics drivers, then try an older version of the time drivers. 2. Possibility: you are converting your DivX file with VirtualDub in a different format. That's all I have not found ...

Antwort von 313373Hilfe:

So I want to import and it loads it just s.also the sanduhr appears next to the cursor on (very briefly) and then it's as if nothing had happened!

Antwort von pennor:

anyway thank you lumpi

Antwort von Roadman:

okay I have a problem we must have the "Panasonic DV Codec" DirectShow filter installed

Antwort von Stefan:

That surprises me.

I know the Panasonic DV codec known only as a VFW (Video for Windows) codec. To be able to use to import into VFW Programs like the old VirtualDub AVI videos when compressed with the DV codec are.

In DirectShow programs you usually do not need additional DV codec, because in Windows with DirectX> 8 one in there. "Mostly" because the codec is often pre-installed systems and has not been until after the installation of an OHCI compliant firewire card is installed.

But it surprises me for a second reason - you write it are AVI with DivX codec. As hosts since the installation of a DV codec, hmm??

Good luck
The fat Stefan

Antwort von Nightfly!:

Otherwise uninstall AE. Preferably a registry clean plus directx buster. All the latest drivers and codec packs to install. AE reinstall.
Then gehts bestimmt!

Greeting, Nightfly.

Antwort von Chris2:

"Nightfly" wrote:
Codec packs installed.

Codec packs are the worst, what we do may impose on a video editing system only! Stay away from such a fiasco!
The installation of a FourCC codecs (DivX or xVid) is enough.

Antwort von Markus:

The following thread might be interesting s.dieser body:
Adobe Premiere: no longer works ... Since the installation of a codec pack. ;-)

Antwort von Frais:

I have a similar proble. I only have this with adobe after effects pro cs3. when I try to import an avi file to an error message is: "After Effects error: File 'x.avi' can not be imported: files in the format '. avi' are not supported."

buddy said that was supposed to go without problems, without having to install anything extra. avi files that I myself have coded with virtualdub and xvid codec.

can someone help me?


Antwort von Axel Karrer:

one should in principle with programs like s.oder
combustion with little or no compressed
material to work with.
gruß cj

Antwort von Markus:

"Frais" wrote:
when I try to import an avi file to an error occurs: [...] the avi files I've even coded with xvid codec and virtualdub.

See here:
DivX, cut in Premiere

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