Infoseite // 16:9 and anamorphic DVD to DV-PAL 4:3 in Final Cut Pro Session

Frage von Britta Leuchner:

Hallo erstmal advance and very affectionate greetings as a newcomer to the Board,

Can someone give me - the Final Cut Pro experience with DV PAL material has - please, please say what I've overlooked?

According to my information can FC Studio 2 different picture format into a session handle. And they are so different in my case garnicht. The Safety 1 about VisualHub imported material DVD (mpeg-2, 720x576, 8000 kbps, 25 fps with letterbox) - as a DV-PAL (Ready for Final Cut) and stored, 2 on Final Cut Pro gecapturte of miniDV footage to anamorphic 16:9 DV PAL anamorphic. (Mac OSX 10.4 and Final Cut Pro 6.0.3).

Now, I must apologize for a session default to decide because I do both in a session must use. (I should be someone with his contribution of my footage and he has completed only the DVD - mpeg-2, 720x576, 8000 kbps, 25 fps with Letterboxmaske)

I decide for a session setting to fit my 16:9 footage anamorphotic the former DVD material was now in DV-PAL 4:3 exists although adapted gescaled (The old letterbox is now virtually out of the stage) but looks grainy and vice versa from worse. Although Final Cut Pro will recognize different footage and 16:9 aspect ratios with the 33.33% correct on the 4:3 session distorted it adapts extremely pixilated out. (well that is more extreme than miniDV is anyway).

When I preview in full screen mode my 16:9 footage in the session scene look, she def. verpixelter strongly than in a separate session in which only the anamorphic 16:9 footage includes the session and as such is synonymous. I feel the scale of 16:9 DV PAL material into a DV PAL 4:3 session without loss of quality sites is ..!?!?

The pixel ratio should be exactly on top of each other and actually both the same? see here: ->

I've considered whether I somehow get out the DVD material as anamorphic DVD of import (ie cropping), but I knew not how, since the MPEG yes 4:3 exists? Or the true scale Fator in Final Cut Pro with 33.33% not? Can someone help me please?

Lieben Thanks in advance ...


Antwort von Axel:

In a 4:3 Pal sequence (Recommendation for sequence-setting) can actually poorer quality material from Mpeg2 (of the DVD, with letterbox stripes) look better than the Pal anamorphic to letterbox scaled. Why? Because the material in the timeline, a real-time function. Final Cut Pro calculates the difference to the timeline, I real-time greats, but shows only a proxy. All the scalings seen in the preview much worse than after rendering> Try!
Rest is probably the best Pal Letterbox format to the two videos zusammenzuschneiden.


Antwort von Britta Leuchner:

Hello Axel,
thanks for your nice reply. You have wanted to write yesterday, but was too tired yesterday and external rotation. Now look you will probably no longer eh. But at least wanted to once again answer: Yes-So what in the way I had thought I already had and before I read your answer here ever ne DVD.

/ * OffTopic: Incidentally, if you often make good synonymous when Ref-use monitors, etc. - because, the feeling when DVD ne einschiebt and play expresses the dramaturgy of the viewer's expectation simulated - fall as a still quite different than the stuff on where Focus grad drauf is ;-)))) - OffTopic END * /

I was still not quite sure if the result synonymous (at least what the described pixel-related issues) looked better than on the monitor. So it was good of you here once more to be confirmed.

! ----->

So for all those who stumble over it should be here, together again:

Say, "You" have basic format is technically considered the same two times in your Ausgangsfomat material (both DV-PAL, 25fps, both 720px wide), just stop once already exported with letterboxed 5:4 format, but with 16:9 image area (eg if one of DVD movie is imported DV material), and you have yet unprocessed material 16:9, 16:9 in what actually exists, but in the same width as the imported DVD 5:4 material, so do not synonymous Letterbox needs, but if you are over the other materials would create exactly the image area fills. Both materials are what the actual image area covers exactly the same size and have the same pixel ratio (1.07) and the same format (in my case DV PAL 25fps).

Then, after this experience to recommend here (thanks s.Axel, which confirmed the) into Final Cut Pro, a sequence preference s.das DVD material to take - ie 5:4 DV PAL 25fps - then the DVD material to the sequence and to draw the 16:9 DV material of the same ground resolution behind. Final Cut Pro should be the correct ratios in the 16:9 Picture show, only with the movement and distortion of the window Clipeigenschaften should be shown that he is at 33.33% has scaled. That may be irritating, as in the preview the material looks really bad and one of the scaling that wants to blame, but the scale display is purely considered mathematically correct. Because film is technically subject to the absolute pixel in its original ratio and the exported sequence on DVD on a television viewing will confirm. :-)

Lieben Dank s.Axel, and greetings s.das forum here (very nice place)
Best wishes until then,



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