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Frage von hocky:


I have a Matrox Parhelia avpe in a PC with Windows 7 (formerly XP), s.der 2 TFT monitors are attached, represent a stretched desktop across the two monitors.
In addition, I have a small analog 10 "preview monitor connected via Composite s.The Parhelia.
By means of a fine of Matrox plug-ins for Premiere were redirected to this video outputs, all analog monitor and I had about a 3-screen setup.

Unfortunately, this plugin no longer works with Premiere CS4 (confirmed by the Matrox support).

Now I am looking for a new graphics card, the above-described setup supported.
It's about pure DV editing, special assistance or 3D gaming performance is not needed.
It would be nice a fanless version.

EDIT: Currently, setup will only be used for standard NTSC material, HD support is therefore of secondary importance.

Do you have tips there?

Thank you very much!

Regards, Hocky


Antwort von Blackeagle123:

I would install two graphics cards in your setup, so you could run 4 monitors. You can then connect 2 displays, a large preview via HDMI Television (or set a simple computer monitor via DVI or VGA) and Adobe that this monitor as a "full-screen display (playback settings when you create a new project) want to use.

Many graphics cards synonymous offer an analog output, so you can set on Windows, that your monitor will be stretched on the TV screen. But you also need synonymous for another two graphics cards, because you can either analog output or the DVI / HDMI output to use, not both.

(graphics cards, there are synonymous for the PCI slot, but I recommend a board on which you can use several PCI graphics cards!)

Alternatively, you could be an additional module, such as the Canopus ADVC of use, which you spend the Picture via Firewire, so you can see it on an analog TV. This is the time delay is very high.

How big was the delay in your Matrox card?

Best regards,



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