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Frage von lxRox:

My next problem with cs4:
the preview!
schaff as I see it, the preview on the monitor via firewire to AND?
goes with me just one or the other.
also: my ext. video monitor is set to 16:9 - if I send out da dei preview, the picture is minimally compressed. Although I may, at the premiere aspect ratio conversation to switch to software and the prev. then monitor to 4:3, because everything is displayed correctly but it jerky ...
if I have real 16:9 But I would have to adjust the monitor to 16:9 ...(; as before in CS3)
except the new media encoder cs4 enormously annoying ...
gibts ne possibility, cs4 cut project in CS3 to open and further process?

Thank you,


Antwort von silentzero:

The preview also goes into Premiere and on the monitor when you play in the settings on an external audio device "is checked.
But my nerves. I sent a support request s.Adobe why there is no other way.


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