Infoseite // Premiere CS4 does not s.bei clips PLAY (; no preview)

Frage von vincent2308:


have an unexpected problem with Premiere CS4: Clips are not playing yet in the source monitor in the timeline at PLAY.

Everything else works as usual, the synonymous scroll through the clips with needle time.

The problem is as synonymous with AVCHD DV-AVI clips. When PLAY or SPACEBAR to do nothing.

PC has WIN7 prof., I7 Processor us ATI graphics.
Has so far everything is working wonderfully.

If an incorrect setting has been made (and it is different users s.diesem PC)?

Premiere or install the same new? Who has had the problem before? did the reason for this strange behavior, of course, interested me very much!

Thanks in advance



Antwort von happyhour:

Hi vincent2308

have you found a solution? I have exactly the same problem ...

Premiere does not play anymore.
Scrubbing no problem, no problem audio synonymous. But PLAY, or space bar: Nothing happens (except audio).


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