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According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia DVD-Video supports up to 8 audio tracks per video:

Quote: DVDs can contain more than one channel of audio to go together with the video content, supporting a maximum of 8 simultaneous audio tracks per video. This is most commonly used for different audio formats DTS 5.1, AC-3 2.0 etc. s.well s.for commentary and audio tracks in different languages.
Source: Video # Audio_data

Space problems, I have none, it is only about an hour material. The 8 tracks would be 8 different languages, encoded in ac3 via Compressor and authored with DVD Studio Pro.

My question:
Is there any experience with video DVDs, in 8 languages have been published? Compatibility? Or all users happy?
At the moment we have 15 languages (ie, 2 DVDs) per event, if there are concerns, however, we could synonymous S.3 DVDs with 5 languages go, etc.

Thanks for any feedback


Antwort von Quadruplex:

"tobsen" wrote: My question:
Is there any experience with video DVDs, in 8 languages have been published? Compatibility?

There should be no more than with other discs give. As you correctly write the standard up to eight soundtracks and 32 subtitle tracks allowed. As long as you do not because of the tone at the picture had to make compromises, I knew nothing against eight tracks on the disc talks - except that you need an authoring program, which supports synonymous.


Antwort von tobsen:

Thank you. Theoretically yes synonymous makes perfect sense ;-)
I would stop it matter whether someone already have a DVD with 5-8 active (ie, not just Directors Comment or so) tracks the language has produced and distributed and could tell me whether the Ruecklauferquoten were higher than normal ..


Antwort von Quadruplex:

"tobsen" wrote: (..) And I could tell whether the Ruecklauferquoten were higher than normal ..
Because I must adjust. I can imagine it but not me.

Mir, only three potential problems: First, some even rise, if it with the discs in the DVD specification fixed, maximum bitrate (9.5 Mbps) will play. With eight tracks is a great danger that the data rate up to the attack must exploit.

As a result, then the synonymous second possible problem: In eight Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks at 384 kps verbrätst You have sole responsibility for the sound around 3 Mpbs. As for the picture remains not much left. If You Skip searched video material and / or your imagery many pans and moving image content that it's probably just - can conjure up the best are not synonymous.

For more than an hour of playtime, you'll also a double layer DVD to make. When leaving the Preßwerk comes, no problem, self-run double layer DVDs, but really only a few players.


Antwort von tobsen:

Ne, which is a conference with a person who is talking. Synonymous, or several, and perhaps synonymous times of running around. In the "worst" case gibts nen play / drama with lots of light and rapid movement of many - these are but only 10 min. Presentation should not be longer than 60min, as I am less worried. Music comes from it is not legal grounds.

AC3 stereo sound with max. 192 kbit, rather less. Since I'm at about 1 Mbit remain 5-6 as the peak for VBR and maybe 4-5 as the target average. Because I'm good at half a standard DVD .. (synonymous is good, shortens the burn time).
Is that with the bit rate would be the most conspicuous problem.
Dual Layer, we can not synonymous Kostengruenden / it is synonymous locally produced commercially on Kopiertowern (1 to 11 or so).

I think now I have calmed my conscience ;-)
Maybe I do have a test DVD and give to us in the company rum .. then the min. 15 different DVD players, if all Fressen das passt.

Thank you!


Antwort von MK:

VBR can you save in the case, with 60 minutes still fit loosely with 8000kbit and 8 soundtracks ever to 192kbit.

If fear is that the DVD because of high data rate is not running (at least here has never before) can still be 7000 or 6000 kbit for the video portion will be taken, but synonymous in every case than CBR.

The burning time if it is slightly more likely to 16x blanks to be no preference ... s.längsten still burns because of the lead-in and lead-out, a 16x CD has about 4 - 5 minutes full ...


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