Infoseite // AVI import version in 64bit: only sound. In 32bit version: OK

Frage von vortex:

Have made an interesting observation:

If I have a AVI (XVID Video MPEG3 + 2 soundtracks) in
The Time Line of Vegas 9.0 32bit prefer to work, das.

If I pull the same video in Vegas 9.0 64bit,
then only the 2 audio tracks are displayed.

This is not a problem as far as I can use the 32bit version
but that was strange ...

Have tried it with 9.0c and 9.0d.


Antwort von Marco:

To my knowledge, the XviD codec with 64-bit programs is not fully compatible.



Antwort von tommyb:

You could let it try with the 64 bit version of FFDSHOW and decoded in the decoding configuration XviD with libavcodec. Possibly. this brings something.

Try it otherwise once synonymous with the decoder of DivX.


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