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Frage von joergfrommann:

Dear Forum,

how to get in Final Cut Pro, Aperture such a way as in this video on sec 50:

Thanks in advance!


Antwort von Kino:

The default installation of Final Cut Pro, I have found it not in a hurry.

are the Effects / existed in FxFactory (Pro Transitions) as (free) plugin and there is a meaningful way "Whoosh" means.

Then bring to my understanding but few plugins an extension of the application, rather the existing "board" means (similar to a macro) use, I would create with just a solitary intended use. For example, with the filters, "blurring" or "motion blur" sample.


Antwort von masterseb:

it a free transition is called "blur fade", which combined with a standard "push slide" transition combined (motionblur More) should bring the desired result. plugin perhaps even without the former. But in any case bastelbar!


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