Infoseite // Burn with Pinnacle 8, several films on DVD??

Frage von sucher2:

What must I do to burn with Pinnacle 8:12 several movies onto a DVD to be able to then select the DVD s.Anfang to what movie I want to see it HELP? Thanks


Antwort von Voltz:

If you have your movies fertg created (MPEG-2 or DV-AVI), then s.end You load these into a new Project (load each one at a time and in the timeline) to draw.

Therefore it is recommended that the automatic scene detection in the settings temporarily shut down, so now that you do not need more.
If you are now selecting a menu and move to the video track, you can do it to you very simply by you, the query whether the chapter should be automatically created to affirm. Now, each video is a chapter mark.

Then you go into the menu "Create" and activate "Create DVD".


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