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Frage von ChrisUnger:

Moin Moin.

I want to create an Internet TV mainly to political and social issues. Web programming, web etc.pp. exists, synonymous one (; semi professional) Tripod, I can get.

What I then missing are:

External Micro
Editing software

When I wanted to get me editing software Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, so I've already worked synonymous. I though I downloaded the new Premiere Elements 7 times as a fully functional trial version, but somehow I have concluded after 5 minutes the entire back screaming. Can I call someone, perhaps even similar-use Programs like Pro 1.5, the synonymous are not too expensive? Snip Except, possibly a few simple screens and a few Advertisement because I need iA synonymous nothing. The cutting should of course be possible to frame accurate. Have a normal PC with dual core processor and 2 GB of RAM.

Now to the main topic: camcorder.
Most of it is, as mentioned above Internet non-running live, so no live streaming or similar bad things stressful. Various contributions are to run individually and as a coherent Magazine.

Where do I want to film: Actually, everywhere. In the wild, in the city, in buildings etc.pp. Create Difficult lighting conditions in order to compensate for any artistically highly valuable products is unnecessary.

How to film: Mostly with Tripod. But as I be synonymous, for example, wants to run around on our federal party conventions, so in my opinion already one shoulder mounted camcorders - or someone calls me a favorable balance where I stand with the synonymous well manage it. Accordingly it must have the Cam a display, so I can see (; synonymous or another cameraman / woman) synonymous because actually exactly what we shoot. However, I must say that I've never worked with a suspended tripod.

What I want to film: notes (: therefore I need an external Micro!) As synonymous scenes at big events, otherwise synonymous only people with no or only mentioned in small movements. Sport is not rather than could come as a by-product to do so. Also no large-scale natural images and detailed images. Ggf. be synonymous discussions included, so that would be offered if needed 16:9.

What does the cam is on jedenfall a connection for a microphone. Furthermore, and this is probably the most difficult: My right eye is not so special, I look better with the left in the viewfinder. With the Canon XL-1 I was just fine. HD has it on his Internet videos probably not before.

For the price: the more convenient the better. :) I know, unfortunately, does not cost what a reasonably usable floating tripod. In sum, it should still be below 1500 ¬, for even better quality synonymous but I'd put a fifty on it.

I hope the information is adequate. ;-)


Antwort von joey23:

Over your budget, but about the class that is used for such purposes in general: Canon XH s.oder SonyZ1e. Look at the times, it's typical VJ-cams, for everyday life on tour. Bright, sharp, not too big.


Antwort von ChrisUnger:

Hi joey,

Thanks for your reply. Both are now so very clearly about what I wanted to spend. SD is not really enough for a regular internet video? While HD is certainly synonymous Internet grad powerful in coming, but I would say that I do not absolutely need. I, of course, synonymous let me convince you.

Above all, my PC is not really synonymous hd-cut. And should remain normalerweiße still half a year. ;)


Antwort von tommyb:

Look for a used SONY PD 150 or PD 170th Not take the VX models that do not have XLR.

A shoulder camcorder recordings do not make your car more stable. A so called "floating tripod" you will possibly bring synonymous not too much. Show times here on Slashcam otherwise, since there was recently an article about a selbstbau Steadycam with (apparently quite a good result;), at least on the basis of sample videos.


Antwort von Johannes:

A buddy just stopped with its channel and now he sells part of one of his art. Unteranderm synonymous one of his shoulder cameras. (Meld dich doch mal with me, could e-) mail in what they Profiel matching.


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