Infoseite // DV with Premiere recorded material - sound only on the left box?

Frage von HitschlerGummi:

I have the following problem, I play my DV material of an AND PD 170 it is strangely the only sound in the left box play.
In the Audio Settings of the Camera, I have not adjusted, even had the Headphones connected, and this is clearly synonymous on both sides of the sound to hear.

What can the problem be here, on my camera, I have basically no movement.


Antwort von frm:

mono recording? have an external micro-used?


Antwort von dietzemichi:

depending on the software you need to capture the settings so that the appropriate audio channels with captured (Avid, for example), or your other box is in the ass: D. ..
If you recorded mono, you can customize the sound in the editing program so Axis centered pannen and then you hear the synonymous to the second box.


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