Infoseite // Encore CS4 Blu-ray: Sound hooks at the preview

Frage von Commanderjanke:

Hi folks am about to create a Blu-Ray and now have the following problem, after creating a simple Standmenüs with background music as well as buttons following happens:

I'm in the preview and the menu starts with Music, so far so good, but when I move the mouse, ie the remote control and simulate switch between the buttons, the music always starts of new. I select the button does not scroll but only between the buttons. From Encore CS3 I know not of the preview neither DVD nor the Blu-Ray. My question is, is the nature of a Preview in CS4 or transferred all synonymous then on the final Blu-Ray, on responses I would be very happy and I want it annoying animal Verballs not necessarily a Blu-Ray.

Greetings from the Commander


Antwort von Alf_300:

Please bang out of yourself and try a BD-Re


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